Permanent Holiday Lighting

With a one-time, permanent installation, you can illuminate every occasion, event, or holiday from anywhere at any time from any web browser, smartphone or tablet using our cloud-based control solution.


All American Turf Beauty Permanent Holiday & Event Lighting

Permanent Architectural Holiday Lighting

  • With a one-time, permanent installation, you can illuminate every occasion or event! Including but not limited to: Baby Gender Reveals, Football Games, Independence Day, Birthdays, Halloween, New Years Eve, Christmas, Diwali, Valentine's Day, and more!

"For the past a few years I have been thinking how much fun it would be if we could have lights after the holidays we could easily change to match the colors of all the holidays. I was very excited to learn that you offer and install a permanent solution that we can leave up year round and customize ourselves. It really is fun changing colors right from our smartphone! We receive a lot of comments from people. Don’t sell too many, I love being unique!"

- Burton Joseph, Josephs Jewelers

Years Until it Pays for Itself
  • Reduced energy bills help pay for product purchase quickly.
  • Product requires little-to-no maintenance for its lifespan, resulting in maintenance savings.
  • A comprehensive warranty is available with support.
Hours of Life Expectancy
  • Long life span helps reduce carbon footprint.
  • Requires minimal electricity to operate, reducing energy usage.
  • Long lasting, low-voltage lights that are reliable and sustainable.
Power Usage Savings
  • Low-voltage LED lights use 12% of the energy use by standard lights
  • Efficient, quality lighting lowers energy costs.
  • Uses only 60 watts of electricity for 200 feet of light.

Customize your lighting from any device!

Real-time control, from ANYWHERE with our cloud-based control system.

Manage Lighting for multiple properties.

Why decorate your business for the holidays?

  1. It’s no secret that sales peak during the holiday season. The presence of holiday decorating lets customers know that the season is upon them. For most retailers, the holidays are the make-or-break season. So, it is wise to leverage every possible opportunity to bring more traffic into your business location.
  2. The holiday season is very competitive for your business – by highlighting your storefront you immediately draw attention to the most important thing on the block- YOUR BUSINESS! Holiday decorating can dramatically improve the atmosphere around your business and set you apart from your competitors.
  3. Why have people been decorating for the holidays for centuries? Because holiday decorations create a warm, comfortable ambiance. Attractive decorations grab customer’s attention and whether you’re in retail or are leasing to others, customers aren’t in a hurry to leave a pleasing environment.
  4. Much like you, employees prefer a comfortable atmosphere at the workplace. Holiday decor marks the beginning of a busy and enjoyable season for your employees. The boost in morale will be reflected in everyone’s job satisfaction and your clients will definitely notice the positive shopping experience. Your employees are sure to thank you for going the extra mile to create a welcoming work atmosphere.

*10-Year Limited Product Warranty
*5-year Controller Transformer Warranty
*5-year LED Light Strip Warranty

Willis Chevrolet - Commercial Permanent Holiday Lighting

Norwalk City Hall - Commercial Permanent Holiday Lighting

Licensed, Certified, and Insured!

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