7 Snow Removal Tips That’ll Blow Your Mind

December 20, 2021

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With the mercury slowly dipping, you’re looking at a dazzling-crystal white blanket covering everything from your backyard to your mailbox, to your car along the driveway. No matter how beautiful it looks, it needs to be removed. Let’s face it, Ice and snow removal is an unavoidable part of winter and at some point, you gotta do it.  

But snow removal can be laborious and not to mention injurious if not done properly. Here are 7 snow removal tips to make this winter’s most dreaded chore a bit easier.  

 1. Make Snow Rolls  

snow rolls snow removal tips

 If you think snow removal is boring and tedious, think again! Try this vlogger’s life hack. Who knew snow removal can be fun?  

So now that you know about this easiest tip for cleaning snow from your driveway, don’t break your back shoveling away all that white stuff. Have fun with your kids, try and roll them into giant snowballs—and off your property.  

If you’re considering this snow removal technique, just keep in mind that not every snowfall lends itself to this technique. You’ll need wet, dense, sticky snow to keep this ball rolling. Thus, if your snow is light powdery or dry, stick to your usual snow shovel. 

2. Don’t Overdo With Ice Melt 

street snow removal tips

One of the most easy snow removal tips is to stay on top of snow removal. No, we don’t mean literally dancing on the snow, just keep an eye on the weather and apply ice melt before any snow starts hitting the ground.  

 This preventative snow removal tip is your secret weapon in keeping black ice at bay. 

Having said that, when deciding to use these snow removal safety tips, keep your plants and pets in mind. Salt can cause damage to your trees along with other landscaping and not to mention even harm wildlife if you’re not careful.  

3. Combat Park Your Cars Before A Storm 

car snow removal tips

Always combat park your car in your parking spot before a storm. All combat parking is backing into your spot. This is a super helpful car snow removal tip because the next day you don’t have to back out, you could go straight out.  

And this helps a lot because when the snow-plower guy comes around he’s gonna be pushing all that snow up against the driveway creating a big pile of snow. It’s a lot easier for your car to go through that and forward than if you’re going to reverse.  

Also, if the kids come around and they’re not backing out you can see them even with all the snow and it’s a lot safer to leave. So, back in your car combat parking and you’re good to go. 

Another super simple car snow removal tip is to make sure your car has enough wiper fluid. It’ll help remove any snow or ice that you have on your windshield. Although it seems common sense many people forget to fill in their wiper fluid until they run out.  

4. Use Newspaper To Dry Your Boots 

shoe snow removal tips

 When you’re coming in after being in the snow, you’d want to dry out those shoes. The best snow removal tip here is to use old newspapers.  

Put a few sheets on the floor, put your boots on them. If the inside of your boots is wet, roll up some newspaper and put them inside the boots. It’ll absorb the moisture, drying your boots faster. 

boots snow removal tips 

 Sometimes it gets difficult to prevent your high winter boots from losing their shape. The best way to deal with this is to cut a pool noodle and use them to keep your boots in shape. It’ll keep them looking great when you’re not wearing them. 

5. Keep A Clear Path, Mark the Clearing Areas With Snow Stakes 

lawn snow removal tips

 Snow and ice removal will be much simpler if you mark the outside edges of areas you wish to clear. Snow stakes are an excellent tip for snow plowing as they can help street cleaners avoid burying your walkways or driveway. 

Also, if you’re working with a snowblower, the stakes would help you avoid tearing up the lawn or the surrounding area unintentionally. As a result, you’ll work more efficiently.  

Another handy driveway snow removal tip is to start removing snow creating a wider path from your walkway or the place people enter your home from. Because with more snow falling, and existing snowbanks melting and refreezing, the paths tend to narrow as the season goes on. So, if you keep your path wide from the beginning, any narrowing that occurs won’t obscure it. 

6. Posture & Techniques Matter; Hold the Shovel Close 

shovel snow removal tips

 When we talk about snow and ice removal tips and tricks, we can’t emphasize enough the proper posture and techniques.  

We all know Snow shoveling is an all-too-common cause of winter injury. But it doesn’t have to be that way, most of the injuries occur simply because the shoveler failed to practice proper form while shoveling. To prevent injury, keep your shovel close to your body while shoveling.  

The best snow removal technique is to keep your hands farther down on the shovel’s handle. So, the weight you lift will feel lighter. The proper form is to face the snow and keep your hips and shoulders square. Bend with your knees and lift with your legs rather than straining your back.  

These snow removal safety tips will not only prevent overreaching but also save you from undue strain to your arms, shoulders, and back. 

7. Take It Easy, Make A Schedule  

bench snow removal tips

 One of the most trivial snow removal techniques people often overlook is that when the snow is wet it can get really heavy. To finish the job fast you’d try to lift too much and, in the process, injure your back. Take it easy, best to take your time.  

Push don’t lift. Sounds like something a high school coach may say but if you push the snow to the side rather than lift it, you’re likely to exert less energy thereby putting less stress on your body. 

Don’t wait till it stops snowing. Begin clearing the snow as soon as it starts to fall. Set a schedule, depending on how long the snowfall is predicted to continue. Do it, and your future self will thank you! 

Want more snow removal tips? You’ll be surprised that many items around the housework are good for getting rid of snow and ice, which is especially useful if you’re looking for some environment-friendly alternatives to remove snow from our properties. But if you’re dealing with a severe snowstorm, you might want to hire a reliable company for snow removal service. 

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