Permanent Outdoor Christmas Lights: What Makes Them a Great Option for Any Holiday Décor

November 2, 2022

Decorating your home or commercial property for the upcoming holidays just got easier. With permanent outdoor Christmas lights, you do not have to worry about putting up holiday lights and taking them down every year. Rather, it involves a one-time installation job, and you are done for many years. The outdoor LED lights are installed…

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Why PermaLites 365 is the Best Choice for Your Home this Festive Season?

October 25, 2022

With the holiday season approaching, now’s the perfect time to get your lights up! Traditional holiday lights can be a pain to set up unless you enjoy digging dozens of feet of wire out of your garage, untangling it, and then spending a day stringing them up on your gutter by way of a rickety…

The Ultimate Fall Checklist: 5 Things You Can do to Get the Perfect Lawn

October 6, 2022

Looking to get the perfect lawn this upcoming spring? Now’s the time to prep! Planting grass, overseeding your lawn in the winter are some of the best things you can do to keep your lawn looking healthy, vibrant, and lush year-round.  Follow these five steps this fall to overwinter your lawn and ensure beautiful new…

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What Are the Ideal Types of Lawn Grass for Your Home This Season?

September 30, 2022

Your lawn should be at its best – thick, green, and lush. One reason is that our families or friends can spend some time outdoors and enjoy themselves. Another reason is that you can simply get the chance to walk barefoot on the lawn grass after a tiring day at work.   So, whatever might be…

Are Permanent Christmas Lights Good for Your Home?

September 12, 2022

Amp up the look of your home with Permanent Christmas Lights. Most of us refer to our home as – Home Sweet Home. So, there is nothing wrong with improving the curb appeal of our homes. This can be done by changing the interiors and the exteriors. This festive season, there could be nothing better than revamping…

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Late Summer Lawn Care Guide: Make the Most of the Dog Days

August 23, 2022

The dog days of summer are upon us, which means hot and humid weather will be the norm until the first autumn breeze sets in. As you and your family are soaking up the last few weeks of summer vacation, doing some late summer lawn care will keep your yard looking lovely until winter. It…

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Have a Merry and Bright Holiday Season with Permanent Color-Changing Lights!

August 16, 2022

Even if it’s your favorite time of the year, the holiday season is notoriously stressful. It’s difficult to avoid the pressures of buying gifts for loved ones, attend holiday parties, host family gatherings, and festively decorate your home or business. Venturing outdoors in the cold winter months to shop for presents and shovel snow is…

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PermaLites 365: Permanent Color Changing Lights for Every Season

July 25, 2022

Trying to find high-quality outdoor lighting without breaking the bank can feel like an uphill battle. Temporary string lights can be pretty in your backyard patio or around the roof of your home, but they’re unreliable and can easily break after just a few months of consistent use. PermaLites 365 is the solution. On the…


Mid–Late Summer Lawn Care Tips for a Luscious & Healthy Lawn

July 11, 2022

During the hottest summer months, it’s important to maintain a consistent summer lawn care schedule. Giving your grass the proper care during these scorching temperatures will help ensure a beautifully healthy lawn until your yard goes dormant for the winter. This summer lawn care guide is designed with upper Midwest yards in mind. If you…

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