Celebrate your special occasions in any color pattern you desire with Permalites® 365! Show off your style during Santa’s return at Christmas, Thanksgiving, or America’s Independence through the unique lighting of your home. Permalites® 365 lets you relish family gatherings, holiday celebrations, and special events while enhancing your home’s security! 

Unraveling the Features: Why Permalites® 365 Dominates Home Aesthetics 

Unravelling the Features: Why Permalites® 365 Dominates Home Aesthetics 

Packed with a broad feature set, Permalites® 365 presents a valuable addition to your home and family life! 

Custom Effects

With Permalites® 365, celebrate each special moment with custom effects and light patterns. Use the Decor Smart app to craft any color pattern for your home display instantly. 

Bright & Efficient 

Outshining any market competitor, Permalites® 365 lights last longer and shine brighter. They are energy-efficient, using less than .5 watts per light. 

Durable Design 

Built for resilience, Permalites® 365 withstands various weather conditions, promising years of enjoyment. 

Holiday Lighting 

Permalites® 365 covers every holiday throughout the year with custom presets. Adjust the colors easily for special evenings with loved ones, matching the mood you desire. 

Security Lighting 

Enhance your family’s safety with bright, deterrent lighting around your home. Feel secure with clear visibility outside your doors and windows. 

Best Color Accuracy

Access millions of colors for any shade you can conceive. Explore endless possibilities with the Decor Smart app, crafting any color combination you wish. 

Revolutionize Savings: Embrace Eco-Friendly, Cost-Effective Illumination 

Our lighting system can drive savings for homes, businesses, and cities by significantly cutting energy consumption and maintenance costs, all while safeguarding the environment. 

Pays For Itself In 2 Years 

Quick cost recovery through reduced energy bills. The product demands little to no upkeep throughout its life, saving maintenance costs. A 10-year warranty comes with a maintenance contract. 

50,000 Hours Life Expectancy 

This longevity minimizes the carbon footprint. It operates on minimal electricity, cutting energy use. The durable, low-voltage lights are both reliable and sustainable. 

87% Power Usage Savings 

Low-voltage LED lights consume only 12% of the energy that standard string lights do, reducing energy costs. They require a mere 60 watts of electricity for 200 feet of illumination. 

Simplify with the Decor Smart App: One-Touch Mastery Over Your Lighting 

The Decor Smart app puts you in complete command of your Permalites® 365 system. It offers versatile light control and a worry-free solution for switching your lights on or off. Schedule them to activate at sunset and deactivate at your waking hour. 


Choose the ideal tone from a vast array of presets for events that unite your family! 

RGBW Sliders 

Need a specific color? Effortlessly adjust with the RGBW sliders to set the right atmosphere! 

Color Picker 

Use the integrated Color Picker to choose your perfect hue from millions of options! 

Exploring Permalites® 365 Components: The Backbone of Your Custom Lighting 

Patented Track System  

The Permalites™ patented track system safeguards components, keeping them concealed during the day. The crown molding-style cover, available in various colors, allows the product to merge with the installation surface. 

Permalites™ RGB Controllers & Lighting Components  

Permalites™ provides two control systems suitable for different uses. Our Local Control system is a cost-effective option for smaller projects, while our Commercial LORA solution suits larger applications, enabling city-wide control from a single access point. 

Local Controller (Residential & Smaller Commercial)

  • Digital Controller (Addressable) – DS-DIGCONT-24V
  • Repeater 12/24 Volt (Boost Bluetooth Signal) – DS-RGBREPEATER (Permalites Connector)
  • Gateway (Cloud Control) – DS-RGBGATEWAY 
  • Transformers – PL-TRANS120, PL-TRANS200

Commercial LORA Controller (Larger and Multi-building Applications)


Digital Lighting 

Permalites™ are available in 3 sizes for lighting customization without the need for cutting or splicing. Jumpers and T-way connectors allow for a neat installation and the addition of power and Bluetooth signal repeaters as necessary. 

  • Permalites™ 365 Light Strip – 2’, 5’, 25’
  • Permalites™ 365 Extender – 5’, 10’
  • T – Way Connector
  • Analog Lighting (Non-Addressable)

Stealthy Installation: Permalites® 365’s Discreet Daytime Design 

Permalites® 365 installs onto your roofline in a discreet way that hides them during the day. The lights are mounted onto a track and a cover is placed over them to protect them from any harsh weather conditions, assuring years of continued enjoyment for you and your family! 

How Permalites® 365 is Redefining Spaces 

Permalites® 365 is revolutionizing lighting by transforming everyday spaces. With its blend of efficiency, durability, and aesthetic brilliance, it offers a unique approach to illumination that enhances both the functionality and appeal of any environment. Dive into the world of Permalites® 365 and see how it’s making ordinary places extraordinary.

Commercial: Spotlight on Business Enhancement  

Enhance your building’s architecture with our lighting. Increased night visibility makes employees and customers feel safer, eliminating the hazards of frequent roof access for light maintenance and replacement. 

Municipal: Eco-Conscious, Beautifying City Illumination  

Diminish your environmental impact with our energy-efficient lighting solution, boosting your city’s sustainability and aesthetics. Our lights will revitalize your city, enhancing the sense of safety among residents and visitors. 

Residential: Everyday Elegance, Zero Hassle  

Light up your home’s exterior for any occasion with our permanent LED lights. They blend with your home’s architecture, barely noticeable during the day. Say goodbye to the hassle of climbing ladders for hanging and removing holiday lights. 

Experience Every Season in a New Light with Permalites® 365 

Unlock the magic of every celebration with Permalites® 365, your gateway to year-round festive lighting. Packed with the essence of Christmas, Easter, Independence Day, and more, these lights transform your space at the click of a button. Their cutting-edge color-changing technology allows for steady colors or transitioning hues, crafting the perfect mood for any time of the year. Ingeniously designed, Permalites® 365 doubles as decorative molding by the day before lighting up the night with bright, personalized colors to mark any special occasion. 

Step into a realm of infinite possibilities, where your home becomes a canvas for over 10 million colors. This isn’t just about lighting up a space; it’s about redefining your home’s ambiance throughout the year with permanent, versatile, and cloud-controlled lighting. Each day offers a chance to paint your life with vibrancy, all thanks to the revolutionary Permalites® 365 system that blends practicality with an enchanting spectrum of animation effects. Embrace the joy of creating a visually stunning narrative, one hue at a time, with lights that are as dynamic and ever-changing as life itself. 

Standing Apart: Why All American Turf Beauty’s Permalites® 365 Outshines the Rest 

In a market crowded with ordinary options, All American Turf Beauty’s Permalites 365 sets a new standard, eclipsing competitors with its unparalleled features and innovative design. Our system isn’t just another lighting setup; it’s a groundbreaking approach to year-round illumination, backed by exclusive technology and patents that you won’t find elsewhere. From the unique C9 bulb simulation to the domestically engineered components, every aspect of Permalites 365 is crafted for superiority and distinction. Dive into a side-by-side comparison and see firsthand why Permalites 365 is the definitive choice for those seeking the extraordinary. 

Embrace the Permalites® 365 Advantage: A Legacy of Innovation and Quality 

All American Turf Beauty is delighted to join hands with Christmas Décor to create Permalites 365. We use a special patented material combined with a controller system, designed by Shark Tank, to mimic the classic holiday lights everyone enjoys. We’ve built our whole system from the ground up. You can trust the warranty and backing from both All American Turf Beauty and Christmas Décor. 

Establishing a pioneering stance, All American Turf Beauty became the premier company to introduce lawn care in Iowa in 1976. Our collaboration with Christmas Décor dates back to the 1990s, emphasizing superior lighting solutions. From our inception, our ethos has centered around delivering top-tier products, unparalleled individualized service, and unmatched value within the sector. As an employee-owned venture, we stand by our promise of flawless service and assured outcomes.