Are you contemplating adding commercial Christmas lights to your business or commercial property? If you said Yes, then it is the right time to do so. With Christmas just around the corner, get ready to create an awe-inspiring holiday experience for your customers whenever they visit your retail store.  

No matter whether you are a small business owner or a business entrepreneur who is running several shopping centers, installing commercial holiday lighting is the best way to add more pizzazz to the business.  

Commercial Christmas Lights: Ideal Commercial Holiday Lighting Solutions 

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Christmas festivities are incomplete without lighting. There is no denying that with the right lighting solutions, any space can be illuminated in a better way. Also, the surrounding atmosphere can be improved.  

So, if you have been putting up the holiday lighting for your home, how about doing the same thing for your commercial space?  

Adding commercial holiday lighting will not only brighten up the storefront but also improve the appearance of the store. Plus, it will help to attract customers ahead of the holidays. 

There is no denying that 80% of businesses rely on the holiday season to earn their yearly profit. To attract customers, businesses take several steps, such as offering exciting deals, making anticipated product releases, and so on. 

How Commercial Christmas Lights Differ from Traditional Christmas Lights 

Commercial Christmas lights like commercial permanent holiday lighting are vastly different from traditional lights. To know the difference, follow the rest of the blog post. 

1. Bulbs 

Commercial-grade holiday lights, like commercial holiday lighting, come with LED bulbs. On the contrary, traditional holiday lights consist of incandescent bulbs. The former does not utilize much energy.  

However, this is not the case with traditional holiday lights. In fact, they are known to consume higher amounts of energy.  

2. Color & Design Options 

The best thing about commercial Christmas lights is that they come in a wide variety of colors and design options. This allows businesses to pick a color that can go with their brand image. However, with traditional Christmas lights, the color and design options are limited. 

3. Build 

If you are planning to decorate your storefront with beautiful Christmas lights for the holidays, you will look forward to lights that are durable. Well, commercial outdoor lighting solutions are designed to last long. They are built with good-quality components which makes them exceptionally durable. 

As a result, one will not have to change the lights ahead of every holiday season or frequently. Traditional lights, on the other hand, require frequent replacements as some bulbs burn out. This calls for changing the entire light string. 

4. Reliability 

Commercial Christmas lights like the ones offered by AATB are reliable. In other words, commercial permanent holiday lighting systems can work fine in extremely chilly weather. In contrast, traditional Christmas lights will need to be replaced during weather extremities. 

Now that you know commercial outdoor lighting systems are far better than traditional Christmas lights, it is time for you to make commercial lighting a part of the holiday designing process. By decorating your commercial space with commercial lighting systems, you stand the chance of making your commercial space stand out from the rest. 

What Type of Commercial Space Can Use Commercial Christmas Lights? 

Mainly all kinds of businesses, such as stores, restaurants, healthcare facilities, cafes, workshops, offices, factories, distribution facilities, and more can make use of commercial holiday lighting solutions.  

Also, commercial Christmas lights can be used for illuminating public infrastructures, like stadiums, roads and highways, school and university campuses, government facilities, and more.  

Take Professional Assistance for Decking Up Your Store 

At All American Turf Beauty, holiday decoration is our passion. That is why we help commercial organizations illuminate their business property, such as storefronts or displays with our commercial Christmas Décor services. Christmas Décor is Iowa’s premier holiday decorating service, which can be customized as per the needs of clients. 

For the holiday season, our team of trained professionals decorates over 900 homes and businesses in Iowa with holiday lighting. In fact, the professionals not only help with customized display design decoration and lighting installations, but also take care of inspections, takedown, and storage. 

Apart from Christmas Décor services, AATB professionals help businesses with commercial permanent holiday lighting installation. It is no secret that the holiday season offers a unique opportunity to spread holiday cheer and earn some profit from the increased consumer traffic. So, businesses can benefit from installing commercial Christmas lights on their property.  

Investing in commercial holiday lighting not only highlights the holiday spirit but also attracts customers and increases store sales. Plus, it illuminates any kind of display setting so that it becomes unique and breathtaking in the way one has envisioned. 

Importance of Commercial Christmas Lights Installation 

There is no denying that commercial outdoor lighting has immense potential. From boosting sales to increasing productivity, it can help businesses greatly.  

In fact, its job is not only limited to lighting up large or small retail spaces. Rather, commercial lighting has become a part of our lives. It is used for decorating office spaces or by the hospitality industry for multiple reasons. Illuminating a space not only creates a Christmas vibe and spreads holiday cheer but helps individuals to stay positive in their daily routines. 

Now let us learn how commercial Christmas lights can brighten up or benefit any business during the holiday season. 

1. Commercial Christmas Lights Can Brighten Up the Business 

The holiday season is already running. With Christmas just around the corner, you should brighten up your storefront. One way to brighten up the store is by adding commercial lighting decorations.  

This will not only give your store a good look but also drive in more traffic. More footfall during the holiday season is good for any business. 

2. Commercial LED Lighting Attracts Target Customers 

The main aim of any business is to attract customers. No matter whether one runs a brick-and-mortar store or a café or a restaurant or a healthcare facility, everyone wants to make their business stand out. Only when a business stands out can it succeed in the rat race. 

One way to attract customers is to use commercial LED lighting decorations. These decorations, when incorporated along the store display sections or the store entrance, will make any store stand out from its competitors. After all, a beautiful display can assure customers that it is the best place to shop for the festive season. 

3. Commercial Outdoor Lighting Boosts Employee Morale 

Whether you run a retail store, a café, a restaurant, or any business, you will need to boost the morale of your employees from time to time. What could be better than the festive season, such as Christmas or New Year’s Eve? 

Boosting the morale of your employees will help you to run your business smoothly. After all, your employees have to deal with all kinds of customers. For the holiday season, adding some holiday lights will create a festive feel and make them feel proud. Plus, they will get into the holiday or Christmas spirit. 

4. Commercial Christmas Lights Can Create Brand Awareness 

Commercial Christmas lights can transform your business space in a beautiful manner. With commercial LED lighting systems, store owners can create a welcoming atmosphere.  

This will create a great customer experience which will, in turn, help to build brand awareness and customer acquisition. When such a thing happens, it gives the business the required boost it needs to have an increase in sales. 

According to a study, holiday lighting can either uplift the mood of your customers or simply spoil it. To prevent such an occurrence, it is crucial to use commercial holiday lighting systems in a way that increases brand awareness.  

In fact, Christmas outdoor lighting systems, such as the NiteTime Décor from All American Turf Beauty are simply perfect for creating brand awareness. They come with motion sensors that allow the lights to turn on when they detect any human presence. Therefore, you can keep the store display lights on throughout the night. 

Still not convinced about the importance of commercial outdoor lighting for any business? Keep reading. 

What Makes Commercial Outdoor Christmas Lighting a Great Option? 

In this blog post, we will take you through the reasons that make commercial LED lighting a great option for the holidays. 

1. Ensure Proper Security 

When businesses decorate their commercial space with commercial Christmas lights, they can have complete peace of mind. How?  

You can be assured that your space will remain properly lit at night. When a place is properly illuminated, it reduces the chance of theft or other incidents. Commercial LED lighting serves as an added layer of security for space. 

2. Stay Ahead of Your Competitors 

The primary objective of any business is to remain ahead of its competitors. This calls for creating the right kind of atmosphere for the audience. Plus, one should not stay back when it comes to decorating the space with lights.  

The commercial Christmas lights allow the storeowners to schedule the on and off time for the lights. You can easily time the lights for your store so that customers do not get a bad impression of your store even if it is closed.  

3. Attain Sales Goals 

Commercial outdoor lighting is designed to help businesses meet their sales goals. There is no denying that appropriate lighting easily attracts more customers to a business. This helps the business with increased revenue. A simple increase in foot traffic ensures a good revenue flow. 

Holiday lighting is the perfect solution for most businesses that look forward to boosting sales. The moment a business installs commercial lighting, one can see the drastic change in the reaction of the customers.  

Proper lighting cannot stop customers or visitors from talking about your store or from visiting the store. Also, people start to line up in front of your store to grab holiday exclusive deals or to simply take pictures to share with others. This will eventually help any business to get more customers. 

4. Create Memorable Experiences 

As discussed before, commercial LED lighting helps store owners create a memorable experience for their customers. When a store visit becomes a magical experience, your customers are likely to come back again or even recommend the store to their friends or colleagues. 

5. Pull Customers Through the Door 

When commercial Christmas lights are installed in the right manner, they can draw the attention of customers and bring them to your door. The commercial lights are suitable for the festive season and during other times. 

6. Saves Electricity 

LEDs consume a small amount of energy. This means that commercial holiday lighting can keep the electricity cost very minimal. Hence, by using such lights, you will not break your bank year after year. 

7. Offers Customization 

With commercial Christmas lights, businesses can give their store a customized look. Most businesses look forward to creating a distinctive style for the displays or for welcoming visitors. With a commercial permanent holiday lighting system, store owners can offer a custom look by selecting unique design patterns or color schemes. 

To cut the story short, commercial lighting systems can make the holiday season even more spectacular for all kinds of businesses. They are simply perfect for creating a warm, welcoming vibe that will make customers walk through the door. 

Why Hire Professionals for Installing Commercial Christmas Lights? 

Commercial LED lighting is crucial for ensuring the success of any business. It can create the right kind of appeal and turn any potential leads into customers. However, it is always important to hire professionals for this job.  

The reason for calling professionals for commercial Christmas light installation is solely because they are experts in this field. They have the necessary skills to install the lighting systems as per one’s needs or requirements. 

Some other reasons to hire professionals for commercial holiday lighting installation jobs are: 

1. Quality Work 

When you hire commercial lighting service professionals, you get to hire a team of trained professionals. They are here to make your business or commercial space stand out from the rest and ensure that it grabs the attention of potential customers.  

Apart from proactive maintenance and excellent customer support, they even ensure that the lighting system is completely functional. Moreover, as a part of their work process, they will install the commercial permanent holiday lights in the correct manner so that they optimize the surrounding environment. 

2. Saves Time 

During the holiday season, you can’t waste time installing the lights and checking them out. You have other jobs to do, such as offering services to customers, ensuring they are satisfied with your service, and more. So, hiring professionals to install commercial lighting saves you time. The technicians will look after the installation job so that the lights work fine as and when needed. 

3. After Sales Service 

Another advantage of hiring commercial holiday lighting experts like AATB is to enjoy a proper after-sales service. This means that if anything goes wrong with the commercial outdoor lighting system, such as the lights not working properly, the professionals will look into the matter. Being professionals, they will investigate the matter instantly. 

Decorating any Commercial Space with Expert Help 

Make it a point to use the services of AATB professionals for decorating your commercial space with commercial Christmas lights. The professionals can create the right festive spirit and make your business stand out from others on the block.