With the arrival of June, summer lawn care maintenance undergoes more than just a seasonal shift; it undergoes a substantial transformation as opposed to the early spring. Taking care of your lawn in the summer can help you keep it growing strong and help you to avoid burn marks.  

Summer lawn care can differ a little from your regular lawn care regime. Follow these easy do’s & don’ts of summer lawn care and keep your yard looking nice without the risk of burning your grass. 

Lawn Care For Summer 

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The Do’s of Summer Lawn Care 

The summer is finally here, which means you can look forward to spending time on your beautiful green lawns. The summer heat has taken its toll on many lawns, but there are some simple summer lawn care steps you can take now to help your lawn be the heart of your next lawn party. 

  • Do mow your lawn regularly, but never remove more than 1/3 of the grass in one mow.  
  • Frayed tips increase your lawn’s susceptibility to pests and disease. Mow at a higher setting and with a sharp blade to prevent the grass trips from fraying.  
  • Do watch out for weeds and ensure adequate lawn hydration. 
  • Maintain a proper summer lawn care schedule. Water your lawn greatly (usually about 45 minutes at each station). 
  • Ideally watering 3 to 5 times a week encourages deep root growth. 
  • Best to set up sprinklers to facilitate the automatic watering of your lawn. 
  • Do apply a pre-emergent herbicide in your lawn and garden beds to prevent the growth of weeds in your lawn.  
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 Summer Lawn Care-The Don’ts 

  • Don’t water during the hottest times of the day and after sunset. It‘ll lead to moist grass overnight which will further promote fungal growth. Water in the morning instead. 
  • Don’t overfeed your lawn. More fertilizer than the grass needs will make your grass grow too much and turn yellow. 
  • Don’t treat your lawn for pests or diseases that you’re not sure you have. Unless you have a fungus or pest problem, leave your lawn completely alone. 
  • Don’t encourage unnecessary traffic through your lawn. Of course, you will use your lawn–for strolling, picnics, or playing. But excessive use could hurt your grass.  
  • Don’t ruin your lawn with burns. Burnt spots on a lawn can be a real eye-sore, especially if you have neighbors who are obsessed with putting their hedges in for the show. Dogs or too much sun can scorch your turf. 

Keep An Eye Out For Pests 

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Common lawn pests include white beetles or grubs, webworms, chinch bugs, sod cutworms, and armyworms. Though loved by the children, these pesky little things can be troublesome and invasive to your lawn. 

The white grub causes the most damage. In early spring, when it’s still cold and damp, white grubs hide in the ground and feed on grass roots. This prevents plants from drawing water from the soil. By early summer, some may begin to pupate and transform into adult beetles, leaving behind brown patches of dead grass.  

The best way to get rid of lawn pests is to know their life cycle and symptoms so you can apply pest treatment at optimal times. For instance, beetles usually lay their eggs in the soil in midsummer, and as such, pest treatments should be applied when this occurs—not earlier or later. 

For more tips on how to get rid of common lawn pests, you can consult a landscape & lawn care expert.  

Hope these summer lawn care tips will leave a green thumbprint on your soul. Have a great summer! If you’re needing any lawn care done or pests cleared from your property, we’re just a call away. All American Turf Beauty is backed by long years of experience that helps us transform average lawns into beautiful, magazine-ready lawns. Request a consultation today!