Watering is an integral part of summer lawn care, and when done right, it can keep your lawn healthy and green through the summer months. The heat, humidity, and high traffic that summer comes with can take a toll on your lawn. Proper watering can help your lawn recover faster and stay in its best of health. To help you out with summer watering, our summer lawn care professionals at All American Turf Beauty offer some great lawn watering tips and considerations:

Summer Lawn Watering Guide

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How often to Water Lawn in Summer?

A midwest, Iowa lawn, should be given 1 – 1 ½ inches inches of water each week. This can be provided to your lawn in a single application, or two applications, 3 or 4 days apart. You can check how much water your lawn has received by probing the soil using a screwdriver.

Type of Grass

The water requirements of different grass types vary. For example:

A lawn of healthy Tall Fescue grass consists of a deep root system and has the greatest drought tolerance among cool-season grass types.

Kentucky Bluegrass goes dormant in drought conditions consistently and revives during rainfall.

Type of Soil

Moisture is absorbed and retained by different soil types differently.

Sandy soil absorbs water quickly and requires less water more frequently. 1 inch of water penetrates to about 12 inches in sandy soil.

Loam soil evenly absorbs water, without any runoff or puddling. 1 inch of water penetrates to about 7 inches in loam soil.

Clay soil is slow to absorb water, can lead to runoff if water is applied too quickly, and can hold water for a longer time. 1 inch of water penetrates about 4-5 inches of clay soil.

Age of the Lawn

Lawn age is another factor to consider when determining your frequency of irrigation. While all lawns require consistent levels of moisture to stay healthy and green, lawns that are newly planted are in critical condition during the first year. If you have a new lawn, do not depend on rainfall only for establishing a deep and healthy root system and keeping grass green in summer. Offer your lawn additional irrigation in the first year of its growth.

Water Carefully

Observe the water distribution to make sure that hard surfaces are not being watered, causing runoff. Also ensure that too much of water is not being applied too quickly to the soil, causing puddling on the lawn.

Stay on Top of your Summer Lawn Irrigation with Our Lawn Watering Tips

Our expert irrigation advice and lawn watering tips can help you have a healthy, green, and vibrant lawn through the summer months. Proper watering can help your lawn withstand the summer stresses better. Besides watering, we can also help you with other aspects of summer lawn maintenance. To know more about our summer lawn care services, request a consultation with one of our lawn care professionals today!