If you think that permanent holiday lights like PermaLites can only be used to decorate your home at Christmas, you are overlooking all the possibilities they offer.

Every month there is a reason to celebrate, and what better than having a home with permanent lights to celebrate with you all year long!

If you are struggling to find ways to get the most out of your PermaLites, run for your agenda and some balloons; here we offer you many ideas, so you always have a reason to celebrate!

PermaLites in December and January


December and January are simple months because you don’t have to give them complex thoughts. December and January have Christmas vibes, so you can go with the red and white combinations to let Santa spot you from the sky. Also, you can opt for all white to make the illusion of snow or a Green, white, and red mix. There is no way to go wrong with PermaLites on Christmas!

PermaLites in February

February has at least two celebrations where you can benefit from your PermaLites. Superbowl fans can support their favorite team by showing their colors on their houses! Even if your local team doesn’t make it to the Super Bowl (any Hawkeyes fans here?), you can let all your block know whom you stand with!

Also, February is the love month, so you can use it to show some LTC to your house facade. Pink and red lights will perfectly match the love in the air. Just imagine having a romantic and cold dinner in your backyard with some pink and white colors putting the mood. That’s what I call a perfect date!

PermaLites in March

No matter what religion you profess, St. Patrick’s Day is always a good time to celebrate, party, and drink a good beer! Your PermaLites are with you in your celebration. You can dress your house entirely in green, combinations of green with white, or even green with orange to simulate the red-haired beards of the leprechauns. Remember to do it with your favorite drink in hand!

PermaLites in April

This year’s Eater Holidays will be celebrated in April, and you can think of your house as an easter egg. Choose any color combination you like the most and decorate your home with

it! Imagine doing an Easter Egg Race at night with your PermaLites lighting your backyard. It sounds like an egg-celent and funny idea for the little ones at home!

PermaLites in July

A barbecue, beers, fireworks, and a house illuminated with the colors of our flag: that indeed spells America. July is the month to celebrate our Independence Day, and the blue, white, and red colors on your house will show your patriotism to all your block.

PermaLites come with preestablished Fourth of July holiday lighting that you can establish by just pushing a button in their Décor Smart app. You can flip the burger on the grill while you make your house the brightest of all!

PermaLites in October

Dark, abandoned, skeletonized, and cobwebbed horror houses are old-fashioned.

You can select some truly terrifying color combinations to set the Spooky season in your home. Yellow and orange, orange and purple, or even purple and black. Anything that helps all your Halloween decorations pop up even more. Every kid in the block will run to your house to grab some candies! Also, if you live in Iowa, you can join in the Diwali celebrations that the Indo-American Association of Iowa promotes every year to celebrate the victory of light over darkness and knowledge over ignorance. For this occasion, many people like to decorate their houses with many lights, so make sure to join the celebration and many others that the IAAI promote

PermaLites in November

November will come with two sure things: lots of food and lots of lights. Celebrate Thanksgiving with warm colors in your house. You can try all Thanksgiving-related colors, like yellow, orange, and red, to whet the appetite of your whole family.

Do you need another reason to celebrate?

PermaLites can be used not only on nationally celebrated holidays. Think about your family’s birthdays, a themed kid party, a sex reveal celebration, or just feeling creative one night! Let your imagination run with how you want your house to look tonight and feel much more secure knowing that the outside of your home is fully illuminated to discourage unwanted visitors. At All American Turf Beauty, we can help ensure you don’t have to worry about installing and taking off your lights whenever you want to use them with the PermaLites 365. You can get customized beautiful lights for a one-time, permanent installation with 50,000+ hours of life and saving up to 87% on the energy bill. Just contact us today, and we will advise you on how to make the most of your PermaLites.