About All American Turf Beauty & Permalites 365  

permalites 365 commercial building

Permalites 365 is a custom permanent holiday lighting system developed by the renowned Décor Group, known as the industry leader in holiday lighting and decorating. In 1995, All American Turf Beauty partnered with The Décor Group to bring cutting-edge lighting and decorating services to Iowa. Current product lines include NiteTime Décor Landscape Lighting, Christmas Décor holiday lighting, and Permalites 365 permanent holiday lighting.  

Permalites 365 was added to the product mix of All American Turf Beauty in 2016. Permalites 365 lighting systems come with an industry-leading warranty. All American Turf Beauty has been servicing our supporting lighting systems for decades.  

The Permalites 365 Advantage  

We pair our patented composite channel with a custom Shark Tank invested controller system to replicate the traditional holiday lighting we’ve all come to love over the decades. We design our entire system from scratch, and All American Turf Beauty and The Décor Group provide reliable warranty and support that you can count on. 

 With Permalites 365 we can give you the “Clark W. Griswold” C9 bulb that looks year-round at night while your system is nearly invisible during the daytime hours. Permalites 365 systems run off the Décor Smart app via your personal cell phone. It’s a patented Bluetooth app with no internet connection required.  

 History of Holiday Lighting  

 All American Turf Beauty launched our turn-key holiday decorating service back in 1995. For the first time in Iowa, clients could hire a professional decorating service with specialized training to create awe-inspiring light designs and displays for residential homes and businesses during the holiday season.  

From C9 roofline lights to large lit holiday wreaths, to pre-decorated Christmas trees, All American Turf Beauty has been your premiere decorating service in Iowa for over 28 years.  

In 2016 everything changed with the release of our first-generation permanent holiday lighting system. Over the years the functionality of the controller has evolved to give each client complete control over the lighting system. We can now pair multiple controllers together and even incorporate our landscape lighting into color-changing proposals to light the night and increase the fun after dark.   


In 2023, a Permalites 365 permanent holiday lighting system is the ultimate solution for your year-round holiday decorating needs. With our Décor Smart app, your family will be ready to celebrate holidays and events 365 days a year. You’ll always be ready for the next birthday party, holiday, championship, or celebration.  

Whatever the season. Whatever the reason. Permalites 365 is here to brighten and enliven your evenings with family and friends.  For more information, you’re personally invited to submit a request for free information on our website or call our office at 515-279-4008.