Decorating your home or commercial property for the upcoming holidays just got easier. With permanent outdoor Christmas lights, you do not have to worry about putting up holiday lights and taking them down every year. Rather, it involves a one-time installation job, and you are done for many years. The outdoor LED lights are installed along the roof’s edge on a permanent basis. All you need to do is change the color and the lighting pattern of the permanent outdoor LED strip lights and create a perfect mood for the holiday or event.  

Permanent Outdoor Christmas Lights: Perfect for Residential & Commercial Lighting

The home’s exterior is also a part of the home. It is just like the living room or the kitchen. In fact, homeowners often invest a lot of money in landscaping so that they can spend some quality time with their loved ones. So, decorating the outdoor space, such as the landscape or the patio with an outdoor lighting system is especially important. The outdoor lighting system is equally helpful for decorating business premises very beautifully during the holiday season. 

1. Residential Lighting  

There is no denying that when you decorate your property with the right kind of lighting system, even the subtle areas of your home gain focus. With permanent outdoor Christmas lights, it is easy to enhance the outdoor ambiance of a property and give it an appealing look. Similarly, it can transform the beauty of your property after dark. 

In fact, adding a few architectural lighting systems, such as PermaLites 365 can make a significant difference to your property. It can give your home an inviting look and prompt neighbors to walk in or make others gaze. Professionals of All American Turf Beauty recommend swapping traditional LED Christmas lights for permanent outdoor LED lights as it is much more energy efficient and virtually invisible from the streets during the day. 

2. Commercial Lighting 

A perfectly installed landscape and architectural lighting can instantly improve the curb appeal of any commercial property. Plus, professionally enhancing the beauty of the outdoor landscape allows people to spend quality time with others. 

For business owners, lighting up the outdoor space is especially important. This will attract the attention of the targeted foot traffic and offer them an atmosphere they might be looking for. For instance, restaurants can decorate their patio with accent landscape lighting systems so that diners get a cozy atmosphere. Plus, the permanent outdoor LED strip lights can create the perfect holiday exuberance that business houses look for during the holiday season. 

So, if you are planning to give your home/property a complete makeover, bring home some permanent outdoor LED lights. 

Permanent Outdoor LED Lights: Bid Adieu to Traditional LED Strip Lights 

Anyone who has been assigned the task of untangling long strings of holiday lights or going up on the roof to hang those outdoor holiday lights while standing out in the cold will attest to the fact that hanging any kind of holiday lighting decorations for Thanksgiving or Christmas is a stressful and challenging job. Not forgetting the hassles involved; plus, there is an elevated risk of falling from the slippery roof or even from the ladder. 

So, it is time to bid farewell to the traditional LED lights and welcome the new-age lighting solutions, i.e., permanent outdoor Christmas lights. 

Permanent outdoor LED strip lights are a unique outdoor lighting system. They are perfectly suitable for decorating homes and commercial spaces ahead of any holiday or event. They can make your home/property stand out from the crowd. In fact, the lighting system is designed to offer a seamless look while blending well with the existing architecture. 

Permanent Outdoor Christmas Lights: Understanding LED Lights 

Imagine the scenario. You go up a slippery ladder and install the traditional holiday lights along the exterior of your home. Now, when you turn on the lights, you see a few of the bulbs are not working. All your efforts will be in vain as you again run back to the hardware store to buy new lights and install them again. This whole task might seem to be a never-ending process. So, it is better to switch to LED strip lights. 

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. The major difference between incandescent strip lights and LED strip lights is that the former emits light and heat in all directions, whereas the latter emits light and heat in a single direction. Plus, the heat sinks prevent the LED lights from getting overheated. This is what makes LEDs more energy-efficient and an improved lighting option. 

Why opt for Permanent Outdoor LED Christmas Lights?  

Is there any reason for choosing permanent outdoor LED Christmas lights for your home or business? Yes! Choosing the right kind of Christmas lights can last for a long time. You will not need to replace them often. Plus, LED lights are known for their durability and brightness. 

Even though the cost of the permanent outdoor LED strip lights might be at the higher end, it is still worth considering. The key reasons are: 

  • Durability 
  • Brightness 
  • Finishes 

1. Durability  

The LED strip lights are designed to last long. Since they do not have any filaments, they can last 50 times longer than incandescent bulbs. In fact, they will not burn out before 50,000 hours of life. That is a lot for the holiday season. 

2. Brightness 

The permanent outdoor Christmas lights are far better than the incandescent lights. The lights produced are more energy efficient.  

3. Finishes 

LED Christmas lights come in diverse types of finishes, such as faceted, smooth, and even frosted. While the smooth finish gives a clear and bright look, the frosted finish offers a classic look. 

What Makes Permanent Outdoor Christmas Lights a Great Investment? 

Decorating your home or commercial space for the holidays is a fun thing to do. You get to show your creativity. However, the task of putting up the holiday lights and taking them down is a cumbersome process. 

But what if you could keep your lighting decorations up all year round? Won’t that be more fun? Now, it is easy to get rid of the tangled holiday LED string lights. Make some room for permanent outdoor holiday lighting. They are becoming a sound investment option for homeowners and businesses. 

Wondering what makes permanent outdoor Christmas lights worthy of investment? Read on. 

1. Convenience  

What sets the permanent outdoor LED strip lights apart? The reasons are convenience and flexibility. Yes! The permanent holiday lights offer unlimited color options and design settings. Plus, one gets to decorate their home/business for any upcoming holidays without stepping out or waiting for any professional to come by. 

2. Versatility  

Permanent outdoor Christmas lights are extremely versatile. The programmable exterior lighting offers the versatility to set the lights for any major holiday or any special event. You can use the lighting system to support any social cause or any awareness week, such as World Mental Health Day. They are perfect for any kind of celebration that you might be having at your home, such as a Thanksgiving get-together or just a birthday party with friends. 

3. Environment-Friendly 

Decorating the home or property with traditional Christmas holiday lights used to be a huge pain. Not only for the hassles involved with the task of installing the lights, but also because of the high utility bill. But there is some good news for everyone! With the permanent outdoor Christmas lights, there is nothing to worry about. Since they consume a small amount of energy, they leave a smaller carbon footprint and result in a lower electricity bill. 

4. Hardly Noticeable 

Permanent outdoor lights like PermaLites 365 are hardly noticeable during the daytime. They blend well with the home’s architecture, making it hard for anyone to notice. 

5. Maintenance & Warranty 

Another factor that makes permanent outdoor Christmas lights a great investment option is they require either little or no maintenance. The permanent lights have a 50,000-hour lifespan (about 5 and a half years). So, once they go up there is no looking back. Thus, saving owners from the high maintenance cost. Plus, the product comes with a 10-year warranty.  

6. Saves Money & Time 

Finally, permanent outdoor Christmas lights can save you time and money. Every year, when you hire a professional for installing and uninstalling the Christmas lights, you are blocking a certain amount of money that could have been used for other tasks. Plus, if you take the burden of lighting up your home or business with holiday lights, you are wasting a lot of time on decoration. 

However, by installing permanent outdoor lights for the home or business, one can get enough time to spend with their loved ones. Plus, as the lights need one-time installation, you can save a lot of money. 

These are some primary reasons that prompt users to pick permanent Christmas LED lights over incandescent or traditional Christmas LED lights. However, there are many more reasons to go for permanent outdoor Christmas lights. 

Why Choose Permanent Outdoor Christmas Lights for the Holidays? 

Halloween has come and gone. This means that major holidays and events, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, etc. are down the line. So, it is time to deck up your home completely with colorful lights and decor. 

In case you are planning to decorate your house with holiday lighting systems, why not go for Permanent Christmas Outdoor Lights? Why is it so? Or what is there for you? A few things that you should be aware of. Firstly, they are an improved choice when it comes to outdoor lighting needs. Secondly, they are long-lasting and efficient. Thirdly, they give you some added security. 

Sounds interesting? Read the rest of the post to know the reasons in detail. 

1. Ideal For All Season 

Need to decorate your home or business ahead of Veteran’s Day, Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day, or any such major occasion? There is nothing to worry about! The permanent outdoor Christmas lights are simply perfect for any holiday event. They can be pre-designed and set to suit the holiday celebration.  

2. Energy Saving 

Gone are the days of traditional LED strip lights or incandescent lights. With Permanent Outdoor LED Christmas Lights, bid adieu to huge utility bills. Rather, permanent outdoor Christmas lighting saves a lot of electricity. They are known to consume 87% less energy and uphold a 50,000-hour life expectancy. 

3. Customizable Patterns 

Whether you want permanent outdoor lights in twinkling or fading patterns, you can get that easily. The lighting systems can be easily customized to any desired pattern to brighten up the home or business during the holidays. 

4. Multiple Colors 

Celebrate any holidays or events with permanent outdoor Christmas lights. Users get the opportunity to choose the colors for any event. For instance, simply set the lights to purple and orange for Halloween. Or, set them to blue, white, and red for Independence Day. 

5. Remote Access 

Even if you are miles away from your home or business place, you have complete access to the lighting system. You can control the lights completely from anywhere and at any point in time. So, you do not have to depend on others to switch on the lights and turn them off.  

6. Well Hidden 

Permanent outdoor Christmas lights will not destroy the curb appeal of your home or business. You can be assured of that. The patented design keeps the LED lights completely hidden during the day.  

7. Enhanced Security 

The bright illumination can easily boost the security of your storefront or your home very well during nighttime. Thus, they can reduce the risk of any trespassing or unwanted intruders barging in. 

8. App Control 

Completely control the lighting system of your home or business right from an app. Just install the app on your phone or tablet. In simple words, permanent lighting systems like the PermaLites 365 sync well with the app which can be controlled from the phone.  

9. Works Well During Colder Months 

Even if the temperature drops to a freezing point, the permanent outdoor Christmas lights will perform well. With permanent lighting systems, such as PermaLites 365, you do not have to worry about the outdoor temperature. They are designed to operate in extreme cold for a long time. 

10. Holiday Scheduling 

You must have saved the holiday dates on your calendar. But wondering how to decorate your home or business while remaining far away from that place? With the help of outdoor Christmas lights, you can simply schedule the light colors and patterns for holiday events or any special occasion. The lights will turn on automatically as per the event schedule. 

So, there you go. We have listed the reasons that make permanent outdoor Christmas lights a viable lighting option for the holiday season.  

Why are Permanent Outdoor Christmas Lights Ideal for Homeowners? 

Most often homeowners look forward to boosting their home’s curb appeal so that it stands out within the neighborhood. To make that possible, a simple task like installing permanent lights can do wonders. Permanent lighting systems, such as PermaLites 365 when installed properly along the home’s roofline are hardly noticeable. Plus, it can give the property a beautiful look and garner people’s attention easily. 

So, if you are looking forward to giving your home/property a major boost, you are on the right page. Here, we will highlight the benefits that homeowners get from installing permanent holiday lights. 

The benefits are: 

  • No Annual Set-Up 
  • Easily Customizable
  • Increases Home Value 
  • Extra Home Security 
  • Completely Safe to Use 
  • Cost-Efficient 
  • Completely Waterproof 

1. No Annual Set-Up 

The biggest reason for homeowners to opt for permanent holiday lights like PermaLites 365 is that they just need a one-time installation. It can be installed any time of the year, and there is not any need to take them down after every event. The lights will remain permanently installed along the roofline year-round. Hence, the lights can be turned on during the holiday season. 

2. Easily Customizable 

Permanent Christmas lights are completely customizable. You can use permanent LED lights to decorate your home for any holiday or event. For instance, you can pick the colors of your favorite sports team during any sports match to show support for the team. 

3. Increases Home Value 

The value of a home can be greatly increased after installing permanent outdoor Christmas lights. If you are planning to sell your property, permanent lights installed along the home’s exterior will fetch substantial value.  

4. Extra Home Security 

Permanent outdoor Christmas lights can enhance the security of your home or property easily. These lights can light up any dim areas on your property so that you or your neighbors can spot any kind of suspicious activities within the property. The investment might be a bit costly but can offer peace of mind in the long run. Criminals or trespassers with any bad intent will not get the courage to enter your place. 

5. Completely Safe to Use 

When you have kids at home, you are worried about their safety from Christmas lights. The permanent outdoor Christmas lights are safe to use or operate. They do not produce much heat like incandescent lights. Also, the risk of your house catching fire from the lights is minimal. Plus, even if your kid touches the lights, it will not burn their finger. So, the LED strip lights are safe to use. 

6. Cost-Efficient 

We look forward to saving some money. By using permanent outdoor Christmas lights, the task gets extremely easy. Even though LED lights might cost a bit more than incandescent Christmas lights, they reduce the utility bill, thus, saving your hard-earned money. 

7. Completely Waterproof 

Since the permanent Christmas lights are going to be installed outside your house permanently, they should be able to handle all kinds of elements they get exposed to. The permanent outdoor Christmas lights are highly rated, which means they can handle high water pressure for a long time. In other words, the lights will not face any issues due to freezing conditions or large amounts of precipitation. 

The best thing about permanent holiday lights is that they can serve as landscape lighting. One can use the permanent outdoor lights to highlight some architectural features of the home. 

Why Are Permanent Outdoor Christmas Lights Ideal for Business Houses? 

Permanent Christmas light installations

Business houses can consider installing permanent outdoor Christmas lights to get an extra edge over their competitors. The main motto for lighting up any commercial space is to gain the attention of the audience during the holiday season.  

The holiday season is going to either make or break a business. So, for business houses, it is important to leverage every opportunity and bring more traffic to their business location. This is possible when a shop gets decorated with permanent Christmas lights.  

Plus, with the right holiday decorations, creating a warm and cozy ambiance is easy. Attractive decorations, like permanent lighting systems, make it easy to grab the attention of customers. For retail store owners, this can be beneficial for them as they might get repeat customers every time. 

Here, we are going to list a few reasons that make permanent outdoor Christmas lights, such as PermaLites 365 an ideal option. They are: 

  • Control Each Light 
  • Create Various Patterns 
  • Create Different Zones 
  • Year Long Enjoyment 
  • Greater Curb Appeal 

1. Control Each Light 

With permanent Christmas lights, one gets to control each light individually. Being app-based, every aspect of the lighting system or the lights can be controlled. 

2. Create Various Patterns 

Business houses will get the ability to control the color schema of the permanent outdoor LED strip lights. With holidays around the year, one can set up the color to match the holiday mood. You can set it to a classic or modern pattern. 

3. Create Different Zones 

Zoning can be done with permanent outdoor Christmas lights. For the storefront, you can set one lighting pattern and another for the rest of the store. 

4. Year Long Enjoyment 

Holiday decoration marks the start of a busy season for the business house. When business houses decorate their store or space very well, it boosts their morale. This, in turn, helps the staff to offer better customer service. When customers are happy, their positive shopping experience gets noticed. Permanent outdoor lights are a great outdoor lighting option. Once they are installed, they can last for many years. 

5. Greater Curb Appeal 

Just like the permanent lights add an extra appeal to your home/ property, the same can be said for commercial businesses. The lights, after getting professionally installed, can create a welcoming environment for the customers. The architectural holiday lights go well with landscape lighting to brighten up the outdoor space.  

Investing in permanent outdoor Christmas lights is beneficial for commercial business houses. By having the storefront lit up, getting more amount of footfall will not be that hard. Rather, the footfall will increase and help businesses with high sales and increased ROI. 

Are Permanent Outdoor Christmas Lights Worthy for Holidays? 

Permanent Outdoor Christmas Lights are worth every penny that one is spending. If you are someone who hates spending long hours putting up and taking down the Christmas Lights repeatedly, then the permanent Christmas lights are the ideal option.  

The permanent Christmas lights not only save money and time but also offer a great warranty. Plus, they come with multiple color options and design patterns. So, you just need to tweak the color and style according to the holiday mood from the app. Also, no need to bring down the lights after Christmas or New Year. Rather, they are installed permanently. 

However, the best thing about permanent outdoor lights is that they almost remain invisible during the day. Even if they are turned on during the daytime, your neighbors would hardly know. These are a few reasons that make permanent holiday lights an ideal lighting option for the holidays. 

Permanent Outdoor Christmas Lights: Get Them Installed 

Once you are done with the permanent outdoor lights purchase, it is time to get them installed. For installation, it is best to hire experienced professionals. So, when you call the experts of All American Turf Beauty, they will customize the permanent outdoor Christmas lights for the homeowners and business houses as per the holiday theme. 

Why Consider Hiring a Professional for Permanent Outdoor Christmas Lights Installation? 

Concentrating on the outdoor decorations, such as the front porch, patio, driveway, or along the shrubs is often easy to handle. You will get many helping hands. But decorating the roofline of your home with colorful lights without running into any trouble is a bit of an overwhelming job.  

It is better to consult AATB professionals for installing the Permanent Outdoor Christmas Lights. Not only do they have decades of Permanent Outdoor Lights installation expertise, but they can even guide homeowners to get the right lighting solutions for their properties. They have been helping clients by offering all types of architectural and landscape lighting solutions.  

If you need help with architectural lighting, simply schedule a call with our experts today. Our professionals will be more than happy to meet your lighting decoration needs.