The winter holidays are a great time to spend with family, eat delicious food, and have fun, but we often forget to prepare our lawn for spring. Winter weather can be harsh on grass, leaving it looking and feeling sad under the snow. However, with proper preparation and care, your grass can be perfectly green and healthy for spring.

Preparation During Winter 

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To prepare your lawn for spring during the winter, try to avoid leaving heavy items or furniture on the grass for extended periods. Additionally, consider your snow removal technique to avoid forcing pedestrians to repeatedly walk across your lawn, which can damage the grass. During winter, lawns are dormant and should be treated carefully to avoid damage from foot traffic. Regularly removing fallen leaves and debris is also important, as accumulated leaves hold moisture and foster the growth of diseases and pests.

Prepare YOUR Lawn for Spring During the Last Weeks of Winter

The soil temperature is more important than the air temperature when preparing your lawn for spring. Aeration is a process that combines soil with straw and leaves left over from previous seasons, allowing soil organisms to better decompose organic matter and its accumulation. Core aeration can improve the air exchange between the soil and the environment, soil water absorption, fertilizer uptake, and use, reduce water waste and ponding, strengthen the turf roots, and make your grass more tolerant to heat and drought. Feeding your lawn is also a year-round task, with the combinations and quantities of each element depending on your lawn state and the season. Finally, seeding after the aeration process can help fix any damage caused by winter, insects, disease, drought, or thin sod.

Wrapping Up

Preparing your lawn for spring is a continuous process that requires consideration throughout the year. By keeping your lawn in mind during the winter, planning and designing for the upcoming season, avoiding damage from foot traffic and snow removal, regularly removing fallen leaves and debris, aerating your lawn, feeding it with the right combination of elements, and seeding new grass, you can ensure your lawn is healthy and beautiful for spring. Additionally, consider your lifestyle habits and needs, such as using salt during snow melting services, and choose plants resistant to that level of corrosion to reduce the need to change your flora every year. In All American Turf Beauty, we have aeration and professional lawn care services that will give life back to your lawn. Contact us, and we will help you find the best option with a Licensed, Certified, and Insured service.