With the holiday season in the corner, juggling between busy work schedules and bustling school years, trivial things such as winterizing your lawn irrigation systems can easily slip one’s mind. But did you know that not winterizing is one of the most common causes of permanent irrigation system damage? So, it is essential to winterize your lawn sprinkler before the temperature plunges to the freezing mark.

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Why Winterize My Sprinkler System?

Before the snow starts to fall, winterizing your lawn irrigation system helps keep your home secure and safe. It can prevent your pipes from freezing and bursting, which will save you a lot of money in the long. There is a high chance that water will freeze in the irrigation pipes, valves, and sprinkler heads if you overlook Lawn Sprinkler Winterization. When water starts to freeze, it expands causing the parts of your system to burst and ultimately destroying your sprinkler system.

Also, Sprinkler Winterization is most important when you go on vacation. You need to turn off the water and drain the water heater to make sure all water is purged from your plumbing system. Remember, it does not take long for a pipe to burst, so it is necessary to take all the precautions.

Here are four reasons to Winterize the Lawn Irrigation System for you to consider.

1. Freezing Temperatures Can Cause Permanent Damage to Irrigation Systems.

If not fully drained, freezing temperatures can cause considerable damage to your sprinkler irrigation system. Physics 101; when water freezes, it expands. And, if the water is present in the pipes, valves, fittings, sprinklers, pumps, or any other parts of the irrigation system, this expansion can cause them to burst and break. The only way to ensure that it will still be in working order when spring arrives is to drain the water from the system before the first freeze.

2. Save Yourself from The Headache Of Expensive Repairs!

If your irrigation system freezes, expansion could cause permanent damage. Even if it destroys the smallest part, the entire system could be rendered useless until it’s been replaced or repaired. Which can be quite expensive.

As they say, “prevention is better than cure”. Or, in this case, maintenance is much better than repairing or replacing a broken system. So, protect your irrigation system with proper Sprinkler Winterization.

3. Your Warranty Could Be Voided If You Don’t Arrange for Blow Out Winterization

If you think that turning off the water to their sprinkler system is all you need to prepare it for winter, then think again. Even, most irrigation services recommend that your system should be drained using air pressure, known as the “blow out” method.

The hoses in your sprinkler always have a little bit of water in them. Any water left behind will freeze and expand, and this could damage your entire sprinkler system. If you try to DIY your sprinkler blowout and fail to thoroughly remove the water from your system, you put your sprinkler at serious risk. You won’t even notice the damage until you turn on the sprinkler the next spring, only to find that your pipes or valves or pipes are damaged.

The worst part is if you fail to arrange the sprinkler blowout, any damage that occurs from the expansion could even void your warranty. Opting for a Professional sprinkler blowout service to winterize your sprinkler system is a cost-effective option for your overall sprinkler system maintenance.

4. With Hassle-free Lawn Sprinkler Winterization, Save Your Precious Time & Energy

Instead of DIY, it is always better to get professional assistance from a trusted lawn care company for best-in-class lawn sprinkler winterization during the harsh, chilly winter.

All American Turf Beauty, a leading lawn care company in Iowa, can provide your lawn with the right winter care. Our team will come to you, ready with the necessary supplies and tools to winterize your lawn irrigation system. Our services will cover the following tasks:

  • Turn off the water to the sprinkler system
  • Drain vacuum breaker and interior pipes
  • Check irrigation system filters and valves
  • Remove and / or drain pump and suction lines (where applicable)
  • Lawn Irrigation system inspections for possible issues, leaks, or failures
  • Routine adjustments and cleaning of sprinkler lawn irrigation heads
  • Adjustments to your lawn sprinkler system timer
  • open all manual drains and faucets
  • Clear all water lines with compressed air
  • Deactivate valves and controller

We recommend that you start the Sprinkler Winterization process once you’ve experienced three or more days at three degrees below freezing. All American Turf Beauty can provide your lawn with the right winter care to withstand the adversities. To know more about our irrigation maintenance services packages, request a consultation today!