Overseeding is imperative to maintain a lush and healthy lawn. It not only enhances the beauty of a lawn but also makes it more resistant to insects and diseases. Fall overseeding, in particular, works wonders for lawns owing to the favorable conditions fall brings. With fall knocking at the door, do not miss fall lawn overseeding if you want to enjoy a lush and verdant lawn. Here we are discussing lawn overseeding and why reseeding lawns in the fall is important.

Why Overseed Your Lawn?

Not overseeding a lawn for a prolonged time makes it grow old. If your lawn is continuously mowed, it cannot even go to seed for propagating itself. Your lawn then relies on stolons, rhizomes, and tillering to grow. It will eventually be difficult for an old lawn to compete with weeds, maintain vigorous growth, and deal with other lawn stresses.

Moreover, new varieties of grass are being introduced in the market every year. It is helpful to integrate grass types that are resistant to insects, diseases, and drought into the lawn with the older grass types that do not have these qualities.

Why Go for Fall Overseeding for Your Lawn?

Fall is the best time to overseed your lawn as the soil is still warm. This makes fall the perfect time for the germination of grass seeds. Besides, as weed seeds do not grow during fall, there is lower competition for the new grass seedlings. The cooler air deters the growth of fungus and pests, which protects your lawn from damage. Additionally, the rainfall is higher during autumn, which benefits the new grass and your water bill.

The ability to renew themselves is eventually lost in old lawns. If the grass is cut continuously, it cannot reseed itself, causing it to thin out gradually. With fall overseeding, your lawn can have thick grass, which lets your lawn stay healthy by allowing it to crowd out weeds. This lowers the need to use weed control products.

Choose the Right Grass Seed Type

While overseeding lawns in the fall, ensure that you choose the correct type of grass seeds according to your climate. While choosing grass seed, also consider your lawn’s use – whether it is high-use and intensely maintained or aesthetic and low-maintenance.

You can find grass seeds of various qualities, and how much you pay largely determines the product you get. Often, cheap grass seeds comprise generic and poor-performing varieties of grass or have high amounts of fillers such as weed seeds or annual ryegrass. You do not need to purchase the grass seed variety that is the most expensive, however, go for grass seeds that are good quality as well as are highly recommended by the local lawn care experts.

Our lawn care professionals can help you choose the best grass seed variety for your lawn.

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With fall being the best time to overseed lawn, remember to include overseeding in your fall lawn care regime. The lawn care experts at AATB will be happy to help you with fall lawn aeration and overseeding. Our lawn care professionals know the best way to overseed in fall as well as the best time to overseed in fall. Schedule your fall overseeding services today!