About All American Turf Beauty & Nite Time Décor


Nite Time Décor, a division of the renowned Décor Group, specializes in traditional holiday decorating, resort-style landscape lighting, and permanent holiday lighting. In 1995, All American Turf Beauty partnered with The Décor Group to cover the state of Iowa. Subsequently, in 1998, we incorporated Nite Time Décor into our product mix.

Nite Time Décor is the world’s leading provider of brass low-voltage landscape lighting products. Nite Time Décor landscape lighting fixtures and transformers feature a LIFETIME WARRANTY. All American Turf Beauty and The Décor Group are the leaders in the residential lighting industry that you can trust for years to come.

History of Landscape Lighting

Delving into the history of landscape lighting, one finds more fable than fact. Some industry insiders suggest that F.B. Nightingale, who left a 25-year career at General Electric to light gardens in the mid-1900s, is the father of the landscape lighting industry. Known for authoring three landscape lighting books in the 1960s, his contributions cannot be overlooked.

However, other historians propose that Bill Locklin, an electrician from Southern California, invented landscape lighting in the 1950s. Bill was hired to install lighting for a secret party in honor of U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower. With experience in 12V automotive lamps from his service in World War II, he may have been the first to implement low-voltage landscape lighting.

Regardless of which story you believe, All American Turf Beauty and Nite Time Décor are proud to have founded the residential landscape lighting industry in Iowa back in 1998

Residential Landscape Lighting

For residential landscape lighting, All American Turf Beauty can expertly transform the look and feel of your property after dark. Leveraging decades of specialized training and experience, coupled with the extensive Nite Time Décor product line, we can help make your home the envy of your neighborhood.

A well-designed and professionally installed low-voltage landscape lighting system can:

  • Enhance the curb appeal of your residence.
  • Create a resort-like feel for your outdoor living areas.
  • Upgrade the safety and utility of your property.
  • Improve the security of dark areas.
  • Enhance the beauty of your architecture and landscaping features.

Color-Changing Technology

In recent developments, All American Turf Beauty and Nite Time Décor are excited to introduce color-changing landscape lighting to our portfolio for 2023 We’ve partnered with a Shark Tank inventor that has the Bluetooth technology to make scheduling your lights a breeze. Our landscaping lighting systems now operate on the same Décor Smart app as our permanent holiday lighting.


With warm weather in the forecast and summer barbecues just days away, now is the time to plan your outdoor lighting. All American Turf Beauty offers free demos at dusk. To learn more please call 515-279-4008 or submit a free request on our website.