Early spring lawn care is the key to a luscious, healthy lawn all year round. Otherwise, come the summers, you’ll find yourself unprepared, waging war against weeds, dealing with unwanted bare, patchy spots on your lawn. 

As the warm and cool-season grasses go dormant in the winter, your lawn would be fairly sensitive and tender in spring – making it the perfect time to consider some serious lawn maintenance.

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We know you’ve got a lot of work ahead of you, but this is the optimal time to get your lawn into shape. Don’t worry! Spring lawn chores aren’t that difficult. Not only do they play a vital role in rejuvenating your turf, but they also promote a healthy, productive growing season. 

Spring Lawn Care Checklist  

  1. Before you start your spring lawn care, perform a soil test. If your soil is acidic, you might need to add lime once every two years.  
  2. Spring is the ideal time for weed control applications to control lawn weeds like foxtail and crabgrass. 
  3. If your soil has low organic matter, apply a thin layer of compost as a top dressing to your lawn.  
  4. Mow low and mow frequently. This will help eradicate the old growth before new growth starts. Sharpen the blade of your lawnmower if you have not done it at the season’s end. 
  5. Lawn aeration is vital for a verdant lawn all year round. 
  6. Call a professional lawn care service provider to find out what your lawn needs. 

Here are 5 simple tips for spring lawn care to nail down your spring lawn preparation for a lusciously green yard all summer long. 

1. Early Spring Lawn Care – Prepare Your Lawn 

AATB believes that the early spring and fall are ideal times for restoring “dead” lawns to life. Because we believe nature works in your favor during these moderate seasons. As the heterogeneous grass growth takes in Lawn Booster naturally, it further aids in optimal growth. 

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  • Start by getting rid of creeping weeds. As you know, these pesky little things are the biggest competitors for light, water, and nutrients. Hence, you must not take them lightly.  
  • Plan ahead–use weed killers. But remember to give at least a three-week gap between weed treatments and lawn boosting. 
  • Mow your grass to 1 inch tall after the weeds are successfully eliminated.  
  • Rake to remove any dead grass or debris. Raking helps loosen bare soil.  

Tip – Do not rake when the soil is soft or muddy. You’re more likely to pull up healthy grass crowns. 

2. Tune-Up: Take Your Lawn Mower For A Spin! 

Before you start with your spring lawn care checklist, it is ideal to check the performance of your outdoor equipment first. Your trusty lawnmower has most likely been out of action over winter. It’s time to dust off the cobwebs from your lawnmower and wheel it back out of the shed.  

But, before you take it for a spin, take a look at these few spring lawn care tricks.  

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  • We recommend using the highest setting for your first mow of the year.  
  • As a thumb rule, our AATB team never cut more than one-third of the length at a time.  
  • Never mow in frosty or damp conditions. It can compact the soil and damage the grass. 
  • Always ensure your lawnmower has a sharp blade. It will prevent turf damage and in turn, will help your lawn’s uptake of nutrients and water. 

Tip: Early evening, when the temperatures are usually cooler is the ideal time for lawn mowing. Avoid mowing too low. Start mowing only when the ground is dry enough and the grass is long enough to require mowing.  

3. Lawn Aeration and Turf Nourishment 

Aeration is an important part of boosting your lawn’s health and therefore an integral part of the early spring lawn care regime. The Aeration process is super easy. 

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  • Simply push a garden fork into the ground and then gently lean it backward before pulling it out. 
  • To get a lusher and more resilient lawn, move 3-4 inches back and repeat 
  • This will improve oxygen flow and root growth, leading to a healthier lawn. 

Tip: You can follow the aeration with a layer of top dressing as well. Start by sprinkling soil and compost over the lawn. Gently work the top layer into the existing soil using a broom or rubber rake, as it will smother the grass. 

4. Spring Lawn Care – Fertilize Or Overseed?  

Using fertilizer on your lawn in spring is an excellent spring lawn care tip to reduce weeds and moss and stimulate growth. However, it is best to use a product designed for spring and summer use only. Also, be mindful to follow the application instructions carefully.  

If your lawn is looking a little tattered, a boost with some extra grass seeds might do the trick. This process is called over-seeding.  

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  • All the same, you can either add seeds to your top dressing or add them to your lawn just before.  
  • Applying approximately 30–40g per 1 sq m (10.8 sq ft) will give you thriving results. 
  • In case of little to no rain, gently water the seed using a sprinkler.  
  • It’ll do the trick, and the sprouting should begin within 7-10 days.   
  • Also, it is best to protect the lawn with a net (if you’ve meddlesome birds), until the seeds have germinated. 

Tip: Apply most fertilizers when rain is expected, or when the soil is moist.  

5. Instant Spring Update? Neaten Up The Edges. 

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Re-shaping lawn edges should also be on your list while considering the spring lawn care schedule. Get rid of those messy, overgrown lines and make your turf look smarter.  

Not to mention, it’s straightforward to do. All you need is an edging iron tool or a pair of lawn shears! And voila, hello beautiful landscape! 

In addition, you can also expand your borders or flower beds while you’re cutting the new shapes with your edging tool as required.  

And once you’ve got your desired silhouette, why not go the extra mile and try some lawn edging ideas while you’re at it? It will give you an instant spring lawn update. And what’s more, your spring lawn care maintenance will be easier too, especially alongside flower beds or pathways.  

Get Your Spring & Summer Lawn Care Needs Covered With AATB! 

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For many of us, a luscious lawn is one of the most important aspects of the garden. Nobody wants a shabby, half-dead, moss-filled turf to be the focal point of their plot. Who doesn’t want a picture-perfect lawn with a beautiful hue of green grass that’s perfect to admire from your patio, run across barefoot, or just lounge on? Whether you’re a master gardener or a beginner, everyone can use a little help around their yard. AATB can help you regardless of the size of your garden and give your grass a head start for summer. To know more, book a free consultation today.