The warm weather brings delightful barbeques and poolside parties, which means frequent use of your backyard and lawn. So, you will want to keep your backyard and lawn in their best condition amid the heat and humidity. With some summer lawn care tips, you can keep your lawn and garden healthy and green through the summer.

When it comes to lawn maintenance during summer, doing certain caretaking and not doing certain things can create the difference between a beautiful, vibrant lawn and a dull and drab one. In this post, we will discuss some dos and don’ts for summer lawn care.

Summer Lawn Tips: The DOS

1. DO – mow daily and maintain a proper mowing schedule

Mowing at regular intervals is a vital element of proper lawn care. Based on the desired height and growth rates of grass, summer lawn mowing can vary from once a week to several times. Having the highest setting for cutting grass and continuously lowering it as summer progresses, can effectively prevent a spotted and brown lawn.

Grass needs to have a certain height to beat various lawn hazards. Therefore, it is important to avoid cutting grass too short as it will damage the grass’ natural ability to flourish. Opt for the high side of your mower’s blade settings.

summer lawn care

2. DO – fertilize your lawn properly

The nutrient needs of grass vary by their type and they must be fulfilled to ensure a healthy and thick lawn. Fertilizing is one of the most important summer lawn maintenance chores. However, misapplication of fertilizer or over-fertilizing can negatively affect your lawn, because fertilizer contains nitrogen that can burn grass, especially during hot temperatures. To protect your lawn from any damage, use a slow-release fertilizer that has a lower amount of nitrogen as well as follow the application directions carefully.

To successfully fertilize your lawn this summer, seek the help of lawn care professionals. The summer lawn care experts at All American Turf Beauty can perform effective summer lawn fertilization that nourishes your lawn the right way.

3. DO – watch out for weeds and ensure lawn hydration

Not adequately watering the lawn is the most common mistake people make in their summer lawn care routine. When it comes to watering, avoid the hottest times of the day and after sunset. Once the sun goes down, watering will lead to moist grass overnight which will further promote fungal growth.

A good idea is to set up sprinklers to facilitate automatic watering of your lawn. Homeowners should ensure that the sprinkler locations are such that they cover all the necessary areas and do not interfere with the driveway or sidewalk.

Additionally, prevent the growth of weeds in your lawn. Dandelions – loved by children – but troublesome and invasive to your lawn. To save time and prevent trouble, consider applying a pre-emergent herbicide to your lawn and garden beds.

If you are dealing with an annoying weed problem, our weed control experts in Iowa can help your lawn go weed-free.

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4. DO – consult a summer lawn care professional

A summer lawn care specialist can determine what would work for your lawn and what would not. Seek the help of professionals for the right summer lawn treatment. At All American Turf Beauty, our summer lawn care professionals can not only help your lawn stay healthy and green through the summer months but also create the perfect outdoor ambiance for you to thoroughly enjoy during the sunny weather!

Summer Lawn Tips: The DON’TS

1. DON’T – let pests invade your lawn and home

Various pests intrude on lawns and affect your landscaping, like chinch bugs, sod webworms, grubs, and many more. These critters not only cause annoying infestations but also lead to brown patches on the grass, damaging your lawn. Our weed control professionals can successfully treat pest infestations and make your lawn and home pest-resistant.

2. DON’T – water your lawn during the day’s hottest part

In the summertime, it is ineffective to water your lawn during certain times of the day as the water will evaporate before it can reach the grassroots. Early morning is the best time to water your lawn, as temperatures are lower at this time and the grass can reap the benefits of the hydration.

During the day’s hotter times, many plants become dormant, which means they cannot consume water adequately or efficiently.

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Summing Up

The above summer lawn tips can help you perfect your summer lawn care game. And if you are looking for some extraordinary results, we are a call away! All American Turf Beauty is backed by long years of experience that helps us transform average lawns into beautiful, verdant ones. Our summer lawn care program is designed to help Iowa lawns get the much-needed care and nurturing. Request a consultation with one of our summer lawn care professionals today!