Christmas Lights Safety Tips
Winter holidays are a time of fun and frolic. American households wait for the entire year for the holiday season so that they can decorate their homes and have guests over. In all the merrymaking, a very important issue is almost always overlooked – that of safety. With electrical wires all over the place and dry Christmas trees near sources of fire, it is essential to observe caution. There are some Christmas Lights safety tips that we would like our customers to follow.

There are some safety measures that need to be observed if you want your winter holiday to be without any mishaps. All American Turf Beauty offers ten tips that will keep you safe this holiday.

  • Using a Ladder: Always face the ladder when climbing it. Always keep two feet and one hand on the ladder when on it. Stand in the center of the step to maintain equilibrium. Before climbing a ladder, make sure it’s on level ground.
  • Choosing a Christmas Tree: An artificial Christmas tree that is fire resistant is a better bet during Christmas time than the real thing. If you do decide to get an actual Christmas tree, keep it watered. If it is not watered daily, it will dry up and will be more prone to catching fire.
  • Using Extension Cords: Extension cords are another tricky thing to use. Only connect three sets of lights to an extension cord. Any more than that and you may overload the circuit. If you are using an extension cord outdoors, ensure that there is no snow or puddle of water near it.
  • Preventing Fire: If you want to save your house from catching on fire, be careful not to overload plug points. Observe fire safety rules. Use different extension cords for every three light strands. Keep candles, if you use them at all, away from upholstery and the Christmas tree.
  • Installing Decorations: Keep decorations away from sources of fire. Use proper clips to put up strings of light bulbs. Make sure bulbs do not touch wires, supply cords, paper, cloth, or anything else other than the light string.
  • Lighting Indoors: Use LED bulbs instead of incandescent light. LED bulbs are a lot cooler and less prone to damage. If LEDs accidentally come in contact with things around them, the chances of them starting a fire or electrocuting somebody are minimal.
  • Lighting Outdoors: For lighting outdoors, use lightbulbs that have been rated for use outdoors.
  • Checking Wires: Check all the wires before putting up lights. If you see frayed or torn wires, discard those. These can cause short circuits.
  • Monitoring Children: Keep an eye out so that children and pets don’t put decoration items in their mouths. Some of these are made of toxic material. Be careful about plug points and extension cords as well.
  • Calling Professionals: Last but not least, if you think all this is too much for you to handle, call a professional service. We, at All American Turf Beauty, will take care of the whole thing for you – from installation to maintenance, from takedown to storage.

Call us for a consultation or to schedule an appointment and we will help you decorate the inside and outside of your house. There will be no loopholes and no chance of hazards.