Your lawn should be at its best – thick, green, and lush. One reason is that our families or friends can spend some time outdoors and enjoy themselves. Another reason is that you can simply get the chance to walk barefoot on the lawn grass after a tiring day at work.  

So, whatever might be the case, having soft grass for your home’s front and backyard is very important.  

Irrespective of the types of lawn grass you pick; it can transform the beauty of your front or back yard. So, let’s look into the various categories of lawn grasses. 

Categorizing The Types of Lawn Grass 

Identifying the best types of lawn grass might be a Herculean task, especially if you don’t have any knowledge about the grass species.  

In this blog post, you will learn about the types of lawn grass that are commonly found in the lawns of the US. 

In the US, grasses tend to be divided into two distinctive categories. They are the Warm Season and Cool Season.  

Transitional Zone Grasses is a third category of grass. You will often come across this type depending on the annual climate trend of the state in which you live. 

Now, let’s take a dig into these categories and the areas in which they thrive best. 

Warm Season Grasses 

lawn grass 1

Ideal for regions that experience mild winters and dry, hot summers or humid conditions. It thrives well in temperatures between 75°F and 90°F. During the winter, these grasses enter the dormancy and become brown. Once spring sets in, they turn green again. 

These types of grasses grow mainly along the Southeastern part of the US. However, they can also be found in the Southwestern part of the United States. 

Cool Season Grasses 

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Ideal for regions that experience dry, hot summers and wet, cold, or snowy winters. It can grow well in temperatures between 60°F and 75°F. It grows fully during the fall and spring. Even if there are extreme weather fluctuations, these types of lawn grasses will thrive well. 

These types of grass grow in the Midwest, Northeast, and Pacific Northwest regions.  

Transitional Zone Grasses 

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These types of grasses can withstand a wide variety of climates. They can easily endure warm and cool climatic conditions. Make sure to seed the lawns with a mix of warm and cool season grasses, for steady growth. They have a high tolerance level. 

Things To Consider When Picking Lawn Grass 

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  • Depending on where your home is located, you should pick a grass type that is suitable for that region.  
  • Once you know the seasonal zone of your area, you must understand the climate trends that remain in your area throughout the year.  For instance, depending on the region you live in, you must decide on the turfgrass for your lawn. If you are having a mild winter, then your lawn grass won’t be the same as the neighboring regions. 
  • Proper maintenance that the different types of lawn grass would need to go through. You must ensure all maintenance routines are followed as needed. 

Based on the seasonal zone and climate trends, we have shortlisted some of the types of lawn grass that are suitable for any lawn. 

Best Types of Lawn Grass Found in Iowa 

Here, you will get a list of different types of lawn grass that are suitable for Iowa’s weather. 

Kentucky Bluegrass 

lawn grass 65

One of the most common types of grass found in Iowa is Kentucky Bluegrass. It easily adapts itself to Iowa’s soil and climatic conditions. Known to love full sun but am not a fan of shading. Hence, partial shading is ideal for it.  

Even under adverse situations, it grows densely. It can withstand a high amount of foot traffic. Well, this grass can be paired with Ryegrass and Fine Fescue. Highly suitable for cooler temperatures. 

Fine Fescue 

fine fescue

Fine Fescue Grass is a collective name for the different types of grass species that come under the Fescue family. The common types of fine fescue are Red Fescue, Hard Fescue, Chewing Fescue, and Sheep Fescue. 

Just pair it with other grasses, such as Kentucky Bluegrass and Ryegrass. Known to tolerate shade, but it’s not a fan of the sun. It can grow well in colder conditions. It’s popular in North Central and Northeastern states. 

When you are going for Fine Leaf Fescue, keep in mind that it doesn’t grow well under intense heat or wet soils.  Also, if you are going to have a high amount of traffic on your lawn, then it’s not a good choice. 

Perennial Ryegrass 

Perennial Ryegrass

This grass is known for its shiny and narrow leaves. The leaves remain bright green in color with consistent watering. This grass loves the sun. It can grow quickly and can withstand any amount of traffic.  

They are easy to maintain. However, they don’t grow well during cold temperatures. It is prone to many diseases. 

Just like other types of lawn grass, Perennial Ryegrass can also be paired with Kentucky Bluegrass and Fine Fescue.  

Bent Grass 

Bent Grass

One would come across two types of Bent Grass. They are Creeping and Colonial. Well, they might not be a popular option in Iowa, but they are far better than the traditional lawn grass options.  

Known for its beautiful texture and quick growth. However, they don’t need to be fertilized frequently. They can grow on soils with high salinity levels. 

Rough Bluegrass 

Rough Bluegrass

This grass grows slowly but can provide excellent shade. However, it has high water and fertilizer requirements. It can grow up to 24 inches in length. 

Being a V- textured type of lawn grass, it can be a great choice for your lawn.  But it’s better to mix this grass with some other cool season grasses. 

Other Popular Varieties of Lawn Grass 


centipede grass

Known for its light green texture and notched leaves. It grows horizontally above the ground with the help of stolon and creates a dense turf.  

Unlike other types of lawn grass, it requires very little mowing. However, it won’t grow well in hot and dry areas unless it receives adequate moisture.  

St. Augustine/ Flora tam 

st. augustine grass

This is a warm-season grass that is widely popular across regions known for its hot and humid climate. Suitable for regions like Gulf Coast and Florida.  This type of lawn grass can’t withstand cold temperatures. It needs plenty of moisture to survive. 

Being a coarse type of grass, it can easily grow above the ground with the aid of stolon. The blade width of this grass is broad. However, it experiences slow growth. 



This grass is characterized by its prickly and stiff leaf blades. It is common across the Central United States and in some Eastern regions, such as the North and South Carolina. It grows best when it is exposed to excessive sunlight. 

Once the Zoysia grass grows fully, it offers a thick and dense look. If the grass is not mowed regularly, it will produce huge numbers of seeds. Good maintenance of this grass is crucial to get a healthy, beautiful lawn.  

The durability of this grass is mainly due to its light green color and its dense root system which easily holds moisture during dry spells. Homeowners prefer to opt for Zoysia grass and other warm season grass to keep their yards thriving all year round. 

Enjoy Lush Green Lawns for Your Home 

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The key to a green, healthy lawn is to follow a proper maintenance routine. Plus, factors like region, soil, and even climate play a major role.  

Remember, the health of your lawn would greatly depend on how well you treat the grass. It must be kept in mind that all grasses are not created equal. So, the treatment for different types of lawn grass will vary.  

Get Professional Help for Selecting the Right Types of Lawn Grass 

late summer lawn care lawn areation

What grasses are ideal for your lawn? Google it and you will get multiple options based on the region you are living in. For a novice or an inexperienced person, all these answers can be a bit overwhelming. Hence, it’s better to talk with expert lawn care professionals.  The professionals of All American Turf Beauty can guide you in picking the right kind of grass for your lawn. Professionals can help you with anything – whether you want to enhance the grass in your garden or want to create a beautiful green lawn right from scratch. They can boost the charm of your home/property by beautifying your lawn grasses.