sprinkler system service

As we are in spring now, with lawns greening up and flowers blooming, we might think that the heat and droughts of summer are a distant concern. However, there are chances that before the summer heat sets in, you will need your sprinkler system to water your garden and lawn. Before starting to use the irrigation system every year, it’s recommended to get a sprinkler system service in which a professional irrigation technician can carry out a spring checkup of your sprinkler system. Availing of such a service can keep your sprinkler system prepared to handle the irrigation needs of spring as well as the upcoming summer.

Reasons for Getting Sprinkler System Service and Evaluation Before Summer

Irrigation experts suggest homeowners the pre-season irrigation system service and inspection because of three key reasons:

1. To ensure the efficient working of sprinkler systems

A spring sprinkler system service will ensure that water is used efficiently. Besides conserving water, the irrigation technician would set up the heads of the sprinkler to allocate water usage so that plants can get the water required to stay healthy.

2. To identify any necessary sprinkler repair as well as potential problems

A sprinkler system service and inspection during the spring will find any broken irrigation system pipes, broken sprinkler heads, or leaks, which occurred over winter. Fixing the issues now by availing irrigation repair services will prevent the wastage of water from the sprinkler system and make sure your garden and lawn receive the necessary amount of watering.

3. To prolong the longevity of your irrigation system

You have made a considerable investment in your sprinkler system, and professional help can ensure that it’s started up properly. In case the water is turned on very quickly, it could cause damage to the system, leading to more sprinkler system repair expenses.

What should be included in a Sprinkler System Startup Service

During a visit for spring inspection, the technician should do the following:

  • Inspect the backflow device of the sprinkler
  • Pressurize the mainline of the system slowly
  • Test each zone for proper working
  • Adjust the heads of the sprinkler to cover the necessary areas
  • Clean spray nozzles to have an even spray pattern
  • Examine the rain sensor

The technician who fixes sprinkler systems may also set the basic schedule for spring watering, raise the sunken sprinkler heads, and straighten any sprinklers, which have become crooked due to the winterization of the system.

Wrap Up

The ideal time to avail of a spring startup sprinkler system service is in the early spring, or before summer at the least. It’s best to schedule an irrigation system service appointment well in advance of the summer months. All American Turf Beauty has expertise in lawn irrigation service, installation, and sprinkler maintenance in Ames. We have highly trained and experienced professionals who can effectively carry out spring startup and other irrigation system maintenance tasks so that your irrigation system in Ames works glitch-free. Give us a call at 515-232-7614 today to schedule a consultation!