As the world moves into an era of using natural & sustainable resources, being environment-friendly has become somewhat of a necessity for organizations. It plays a vital role in the overall outlook of your brand image. In this regard, Commercial LED lighting has become a trailblazer of sorts.  

Every company now wants to be regarded as an organization contributing toward environmental conservation and a pioneer of natural sustainable energy consumption. In fact, many companies have already launched campaigns to spread awareness about a greener tomorrow as a part of their brand identity.  

Commercial LED Lighting 2

Commercial LED lighting solutions not only flaunt a sleek and super attractive look but also offer a far greater lifespan with minimal maintenance cost in comparison to fluorescent tubes. What’s more? They’re big on safety and consume 50% less electricity.  

Plus, Commercial LED Lighting fixtures produce virtually no UV emissions, meaning less carbon footprint on your commercial premises.  

But How Is Commercial LED Lighting Going To Create More Business Opportunities For Me? 

Do you want to increase revenue — improve sales — and increase profits? Then it is high time, you must consider Commercial LED lighting solutions for your business space.  

Research shows that the outdoor lighting and ambiance of a store have a significant impact on its customer’s buying behavior.  

Take retail, for instance. Lighting is one of the most crucial details which can have an enormous impact on the business. It can have a significant emotional impact on your customers, directing shoppers to your targeted merchandise, and can have a massive effect on how they perceive your overall brand/business. 

Installing LED lights for commercial buildings can drive more revenue by reducing costs and boosting sales.  

Here are a few ways you can use commercial shop lights to attract more customers and bring down energy costs. 

Highlight Your Products With Commercial LED Lighting & Draw Customer Attention From Faraway 

Yes, you read it right. Even your outdoor lighting can be used to draw a customer’s attention to your products. Be it new releases, sale items, or special items that you want to feature; the right lighting will steal the focus of your customers even when they’re not particularly looking for it.  

You can create a contrast with strategic commercial LED lighting and accent lighting to highlight specific products.  

The high-contrast lighting is perfect for display windows and will easily draw the attention of passersby and bring more customers into your store. The accent lighting on the other hand would provide better illumination on your products, helping customers to see key details more clearly even from the outside.  

However, you should consider using high CRI (color rendering index) lighting. This will highlight the true colors of your products more accurately making them look their best. 

Create a More Welcoming Relaxing Environment For Your Customers With Commercial LED Lighting 

To set the right mood, you must choose the correct Commercial LED lighting fixture that compliments your space. Always be super specific about the mood you’d like to achieve while hiring a commercial LED lighting company.  

Another aspect you need to consider is that LED lighting can be a little “cold,” which more specifically means that the light has a higher color temperature or CCT. This can create the wrong ambiance for your store if used in the wrong space.  

Therefore, consider all aspects while choosing the right lighting. Select the right color temperature—warm lighting (lower CCT) is a great option if you want to create a more intimate and welcoming mood. But opt for cool white lights if you want to make your space look larger. 

This will create an excellent opportunity that will encourage buyers to stay longer and come back again. 

Encourage Customers to Spend More Time in Your Store With Intelligent Commercial Lighting Designs 

Strategically planned commercial shop lights can also boost sales at any given season. Because the right lighting can lead your customers to different areas of the store that they would otherwise overlook.  

You can illuminate your entire store with ambient and high-activity lighting eliminating those pesky dark spots in one go. In a similar fashion, backlighting on your shelves will be an excellent trick to draw the eye down the store and steer your customers to different areas. 

This will subconsciously encourage customers to further explore the entire place.  

Leverage Commercial LED Lighting Designs To Bolster Your Bottom Line 

According to a recent survey, energy is the fourth largest in-store operating cost for US retailers, excluding labor, rent, and marketing expenses.   

LED lights are a much cheaper option as they drastically reduce your energy bills by up to 75%. Plus, as we all know, LED lights don’t require much maintenance. This means your maintenance costs are gonna be sore down significantly as well.  

Hence, In addition to boosting your sales, switching to Commercial LED lighting solutions will lower your costs and save you huge bucks simultaneously.  

Let There Be Light With AATB Commercial LED Lighting Fixtures 

Now that you understand how the right lighting can help you increase profits and create a better customer experience for your overall business, it’s time to start planning your Commercial LED lighting design. Because your lighting designs can make or break your business. 

That’s why it is important to work with a commercial LED lighting company that will work with you on every aspect of the planning process. They’ll use their expertise and creativity to help you make sure your commercial design elements are brought to life as per your specific business needs. You need someone with the latest LED lighting innovations, including energy efficiency, reliability, maximum longevity, and customization options – AATB has it.  

And we’re here whenever you’re ready to upgrade your commercial lighting. NiteTime Décor by All American Turf Beauty is Iowa’s premier provider of outdoor lighting systems!  We’ve been decorating businesses and homes in and around Iowa for over 35 years now. Want to get a head start? Register for a free consultation today!