Permanent Holiday Lighting installation is the solution you probably didn’t even know you needed. With all of the stress of the holidays building up, having to tackle strands and strands of tangled lighting is possibly not what you wish to be doing. And, luckily, you don’t have to!

“But hang on, isn’t Permanent Holiday Lighting expensive?” No sir! In fact the opposite. It’s not only a more energy-saving option but also reduces your overall cost in comparison to putting on and later taking down the lights every season. Plus, you’ll hardly need to worry about replacing lights or any repairs.

Why Choose Permanent Outdoor Lighting? 

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Let’s face it, each holiday season, you struggle with putting up the lights and then taking them back down in the midst of freezing winter. Additionally, if you don’t have time, you hire a professional. This means spending quite a bit of money every year to have your holiday lights installed and removed.

Instead of going through all that hassle, permanent exterior lighting can be installed to eliminate this cost and hassle.

Take a look at the main benefits of installing permanent outdoor LED lighting.

  • Saves Time & Money: Instead of paying someone to install and remove your holiday lighting, you’d be able to save money and time. The permanent house lighting is a one-time installation and is rated for up to 100,000 hours.
  • Attracts customers: If you’re a business owner, lighting up your store will catch people’s eyes and attract them to that store! It’ll not only improve the ambiance but also increase brand awareness and boost your advertising.
  • Energy Efficient: Permanent LED lighting consumes 12% less energy, and you get 87% more power savings. At AATB, we offer a 10-year warranty, with little to no maintenance required. After the first few years, they end up paying for themselves.
  • Invisible by Day Dazzling By Night: Our permanent outdoor LED lighting is nearly invisible during the day. Our team installs the light near the fascia of your home. As a result, it blends easily with the architecture. It’ll only be visible when you turn it on.
  • Safety: Hiring a professional permanent exterior lighting service around the holidays can take a complex and potentially dangerous chore off your to-do list. It can keep you and your loved ones safe off the ladder and is cheaper than a hospital bill. So, you can focus on what matters most.
  • Versatile: Not just for holidays, you can use permanent lighting for architectural lighting, events, support your team on game day with your team’s colors… you get the idea. 

How To Plan Lighting For A New Home?

Installing permanent lighting on a house largely depends on the construction of your home, but the groundwork mostly remains the same.  

  1. Firstly, install the controller in your garage
  2. Connect a low-voltage wire from that controller to the starting point of your lights. 
  3. Adjust the metal track to fit the eaves and cut the rest. 
  4. Place the lights on it. 
  5. Screw the track into the eaves 
  6. You’ve done it! Your Permanent Holiday Lighting is ready to go all year round! 

Permanent Lighting Cost – Is It Really worth it? 

Permanent Holiday Lighting is a one-time investment and offers long-term cost savings and convenience.  

If you buy temporary holiday lights you can calculate how many years, the system will take to save money. For example, let’s pretend Tom hired a professional at $600 a year to install temporary holiday lights. And Jerry paid $3600 for his permanent lighting installations.  

So now, if we multiply Tom’s spending by seven (the average life expectancy of permanent lights) it comes down to $4200 plus the repairing/replacing cost of LED products. Whereas Jerry is hardly paying a buck. 

The best part of this is that it’s not just holiday lighting. You can also use the system as permanent accent lighting for a birthday, Halloween, the 4th of July, a game day, or any occasion that you would like. The Permanent lighting system can produce over 15 million assorted colors. 

How Long Do Permanent Lightings Last? 

It mainly depends on the type of permanent lighting you’re choosing. At AATB our Permanent holiday lighting system is a specially designed robust top-rated LED with 3 lights in each bulb. LED is known for its durability, brightness, and more eco-friendly.  

We offer a 10-year warranty and a 5-year LED Light Strip Warranty. With over 50,000 life expectancy permanent lightings are not only long-lasting, low-voltage lights but also reliable and sustainable. 

Take Your Holiday Lights to the Next Level with Permanent Holiday Lighting 

At AATB, Permanent Holiday Lighting is our heart and soul. It’s been our starting point many moons ago and will always be our favorite service to provide.  

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