That is correct; you did read that correctly. Who’d have imagined permanent lighting could be so beneficial? Or maybe you would have. Having good lighting can make all the difference in the world.  

Permanent lighting can improve your home’s appearance and increase footfall if you’re a business owner. So you would be wondering how exactly does it work? Well-lit pathways make everything from a walkway to a patio appear more pleasant. 

So, Why Outdoor Permanent Lighting?  

One of the most common things people overlook when it comes to exterior decor is adding permanent lighting. They believe that temporary lighting is the best, and sometimes even try to opt for none at all. The thing is, it’s far too easy to underestimate exactly how important proper exterior lighting can actually be. There are a lot of types and ways of installing outdoor lights, but permanent lighting is one of the best options. 

Imagine never having to climb a ladder shivering in freezing cold to install Holiday lights ever again! Putting up and taking down holiday lights is a chore, and you don’t want to be injured. 

Good For Business 

The holiday season is when business booms! So if you’re a business owner, you’d want to use every opportunity to attract more customers to your storefront. Lighting up your store will catch people’s eyes and before they know it, they’ll be attracted to that store! 

Permanent exterior lighting not only will improve the ambiance but also would give you a leg up on your competitors. The lights will increase brand awareness among your customers and boost your advertising in an innovative manner. It is an excellent marketing technique. Even municipalities and office buildings can benefit from decorating their spaces. 

Saves Time And Energy 

There is still much more to do at your house to prepare for Christmas. You can save a lot of time by purchasing Permanent Lighting for houses instead of temporary lights. Permanent exterior lighting systems are installed only once and are less likely to break down. They end up paying for themselves after a few years. 

Permanent lighting has numerous benefits including low maintenance costs, a longer life duration, and ease of installation.  

Illuminate Every Occasion And Event With One-Time-Permanent Lighting Installations 

You spend a lot of money on beautiful lights that will work perfectly well in your new home, but how would you feel if they don’t stay that way forever? With Permanent home lighting, no need to bear the stress of installing and then removing it again and again. 

Are you constantly trying to figure out what lamps and bulbs you might need for your next party? Permanent lighting can help eliminate the need for portable lamps and reduce worries. Any occasion would be better if it had beautiful lights! Whether you’re planning a birthday party, wedding reception, or any other event, just a simple click, and voila you get a new look! 

It’s actually cheap! 

Contrary to popular belief, Permanent Home Lighting installation does not require a huge budget. The LED lights actually last longer compared to those incandescent holiday lighting.  

Plus, the LED lights use 50% less energy which means lower electricity bills. It is affordable time and energy-saving and fits seamlessly into your budget. 

Smart Control  

Permanent lighting installations by All American Turf Beauty can be controlled from anywhere in real time using a smartphone or tablet. The lights work by using solar cells and a cloud-based control system. You can change the colors with a simple click on your phone. 

Moreover, our outdoor string lights are invisible during the daytime. The lights are installed near the home’s fascia making them blend in with the architecture. It’s only when the lights are turned on that they are visible. 

With Professional One-Time-Permanent Lighting Installation, Give Your Home Or Business A Glow-Up! 

At AATB, we offer hassle-free professional Outdoor Permanent Lighting services suitable for every occasion. It is backed by a 10-year warranty, with little to no maintenance required. We offer low-voltage LED lights that consume 12% less energy, and you get 87% more power savings. If you’re considering permanent lighting for your next renovation, give us a call at 555-996-2261 or read about our services today.