Many homeowners tend to avoid taking care of their lawns in the chilly winter months. But know that the right winter lawn care can be a game-changer for your lawn when spring arrives. Providing proper care to your lawn in the winter not only helps it thrive through the winter but also makes it healthy, lush, and green come spring. For proper winter lawn maintenance, it’s important to avoid some common lawn care mistakes homeowners make during the winter. 

Winter Lawn Care Mistakes to Avoid  

1. Not Raking your Lawn Regularly 

Homeowners often don’t rake their lawns when winter sets in, which is not a good thing to do. Allowing the accumulation of leaves in the lawn can pave the way for mold and fungi growth. Besides affecting the way your plants and lawn grow at spring’s beginning, mold and fungi can dig their way into the soil too. This can lead to further damage. So, ensure that you rake your lawn regularly throughout the year in order to have a healthy lawn and landscaping.  

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2. Trimming your Grass Too Short 

Grass grows constantly on the lawns. However, grass growth slows down during the winter, especially when the temperature reaches below 40 degrees. Due to this, lawn care experts recommend homeowners to not trim their lawn grass too short in the winter months for proper winter grass care. Ensure that you adjust your mower’s blades accordingly.  

3. Not Watering Plants 

A widespread misunderstanding regarding winter lawn care is that homeowners don’t need to water their plants during the winter due to the shedding leaves or the rainfall. Well, the truth is that your plants and shrubs still need water during winter.  

Not watering your plants can lead to them becoming dehydrated. So, make sure you are providing your plants with the necessary amount of water in the winter months. A lawn care company in Iowa can help you determine the amount of water your plants need in winter.  

4. Not Using the Right Fertilizer  

The fertilizer you use should not only fulfill the needs of your grass and plants but also be compatible with the outside temperature. Read the label carefully when shopping for fertilizer to use in the winter. It would help to ask for recommendations from a professional lawn care company on the right fertilizer for your winter lawn and plants. 

5. Neglecting Pest Problems 

Take action promptly if you find pests in your lawn, trees, or plants. Do not neglect pest issues. Noticing and resolving pest problems before the arrival of winter can help prevent substantial damage to your plants. By fixing pest issues, you will also prevent pest damage from spreading into your home and surroundings. So, act at the earliest even at the slightest signs of pests. For effective pest control, seek the help of a reliable pest control company in Iowa

Stay on Top of your Winter Yard Care Needs with AATB! 

Besides being an informed homeowner and avoiding the above-mentioned winter lawn care mistakes, consider seeking the assistance of a trusted lawn care company to ensure that your lawn stays in its best form during the harsh, chilly winter.  All American Turf Beauty, a leading lawn care company in Iowa, can provide your lawn with the right winter care so that it can efficiently withstand the adversities winter brings, and emerge lush and verdant on the other side of winter. We’ll be happy to guide you on taking care of grass in winter and tell you about our winter lawn care services. Request a consultation today!